What Really Keeps Couples Together?

Ideal romantic scenes from movies put labels on how relationship should look like. Very often you may see a happy couple from the screen of your TV, who has so much in common, has amazing bond between them and seem like the perfect combination ever. You might think, is it possible in real life? If you have a partner already, you may compare her with the image on TV . So what really keeps couples together for a long time? What makes a relationship strong?

You should fill your relationship with inspiration by adventurous activities, romantic date nights, common hobbies and quality time. Keeping a healthy relationship requires efforts and mutual desire.

Here are some ways to make your relationship stronger:

  1. Do some routine things together. Food and romance have been unconsciously linked. You get pleasure from both things, why not combine them? Make a simple dinner preparation a special event.
  2. Travel together. It creates the strongest bond in a couple. Travelling will help you to reveal the outer world of countries, but also the world of your hearts. Couples who travel more, tend to be more understanding and more romantic. They also have a better sex life, because they change locations and may try new things in new places.
  3. Start a new tradition together. It might be a gym day once a week, a movie night on Thursdays, theatre visit, barbeque evening or golf day.
  4. Exchange hobbies. Try your partner`s hobby, it might be something new and extraordinary, something you have never tried before. You don`t have to make it a hobby of your life, but it is going to help you to know your second half better. For instance, you might offer your male hobby to your woman and vice versa.
  5. Cuddle more. It is important for a woman to feel you. Women are more gentle and a simple hug means a lot. It will create intimacy between you, snuggle while watching a movie or while sleeping.
  6. Have a constructive debate. Couples do fight sometimes, it is inevitable. But the way they solve the problems is different. A small fight can even contribute to growth of both partners or destroy them. It is up to you how you handle the problem occurred in relationship, either a peaceful way or just argument without any valid reasons.

What makes a relationship solid?

  1. You express your feelings not only by words, but also through actions. If you promise something, keep your promise.
  2. Don`t be possessive. Another person is not your object. It is ok to be interested in your partner`s daily routine and whereabouts, but to constantly check where she is, it is not acceptable.
  3. Accept the fact that nothing is ideal. It is normal to have ups and downs, you should be ready for it.
  4. When in relationship, use more “we” instead of me, I, you. It is a sign of collaborative mindset, unconsciously you perceive your couple as one.
  5. Dream together. It brings pleasure, dream about something you can achieve. Maybe a small house by the sea, so when you really have it, it will make you stronger and give motivation to set bigger goals.
  6. Learn how to apologize when you are not right. Don`t hold the grudge for a long time, be open and talk to your woman. Make her smile by kissing, give a big meaningful hug or make an unexpected surprise, which melts her heart.
  7. Celebrate small achievements, no matter in which aspects of life. Either something good happened at work, celebrate any personal achievement. Don`t wait for New Year or birthday to show appreciation to your second half. Share a bottle of wine, spend a romantic evening together.
  8. Support each other and listen. It is so important when we have someone to talk to, share and receive understanding. When you have troubles and there is a person, who supports and always next to you no matter what, it is what really matters.

In spite of daily routines, bills and responsibilities, don`t underestimate your love. Prioritize your partner and give her more time.

How to motivate your partner? Sometimes life goes not the way we want it to be, a close to heart person can feel down, has some difficulties in life, which is absolutely fine. But what should you do in such situation? Show by your own example the enthusiasm to life, share your positive attitude and inspire. Sometimes we do feel exhausted and stressed due to work or other life circumstances. Encourage your beloved one, give support when she needs it the most and create a cosy atmosphere.

How to keep love strong for a long time? Couples get used to each other and forget about small things they used to do when they just met. Small things build a strong love. Buy a favourite bar of chocolate for your lady on the way from work, allow her to sleep more on Sunday, prepare breakfast, send warm an funny texts to remind that you think about her and love so much. Always look attractive and keep the spark of romance. Develop friendship, true friends will never let each other down. Make your relationship alive, “water” it every day as the most precious plant and it is going to blossom and give flowers for sure.

I bet you have read dozens of articles and watched Youtube videos how to keep a strong relationship. And there are thousands pieces of advice how to keep a relationship good, it is not easy though. You should spend much efforts and time. Don`t take another person for granted. Things that keep love alive are connected with sexual desire, mutual understanding, trust and respect.

Once respect or trust is broken, it is difficult to bring it back. Not everything depends on one person though, it is a mutual work to be in healthy relationship. I wish you to have one like this!