What’s the right way to end the first date?

You have been out with girls more than once and have repeatedly faced a choice of how to end the first date. To kiss or not to kiss? To arrange a new appointment or not?

Ending the first date in “an English manner” is not accepted in Ukraine and you definitely have to figure out what to do. Anyone in such a situation could feel uncomfortable. Both of you might be silent or chatter feverishly, trying to figure out the further intentions of your partner. It is not entirely clear to you if she has fancied you, and she is tormented with the same doubts.

Regardless of whether she liked you strongly, a little or not, you must choose the line of behavior in which you decide for yourself whether you find the lass attractive or not. Depending on the level of attraction, you should choose different tactics of how to finish the first date.

Rendezvous with a “not-my-type” girl

You could have met each other on the Internet, through an ad, or you didn’t look at her in a dark bar yesterday while taking the phone number. She may not be necessarily scary, but, for example, a complete fool, freak, nerd, or inadequate. Maybe you did not feel the presence of spiritual closeness, the similarity of interests, or you are unlikely to even think about a hug on the first date.

One way or another, but you did not find the lady interesting at all and you would rather go to a monastery than see her again. How to end a bad date in this case? The best idea is to say goodbye. She’s a grown-up woman and will survive another bad day.

What to say at the end of a date with a not-my-type woman? Explain everything was great, you might call later, give her a peck on the cheek, and leave. If there is no desire, then kissing is optional.

Rendezvous with a good girl

This is the most common dating occasion. You can’t understand if you fancy the lady or not, and you realize it has been definitely a good evening. She is cute, charming, and knows how to grab your attention. What to do in such a situation when you still do not know if you will be a couple and for how long, but you definitely want to meet again. Perhaps you want to try dating, become her love-partner, and maybe her husband (you are not afraid of this word).

What to do on the first date with a girl like this and, more importantly, how do you finish it? You shouldn’t beat around the bush and stare like a ram at new gates. Ask what she is doing next weekend and make it clear you will see each other soon. It would be nice to kiss the lass on the cheek and maybe on the lips.

So, the woman understands you enjoyed the time spent together and she can count on you. And if she has been in an “active search”, there is no need to look for a guy in the near future, because she has found the potential partner – you!

Rendezvous with a dream girl

“Butterflies in the stomach” is the expression applicable to women thinking of what to do on a first date. Speaking of guys, the brake fluid appears in the head and the tickling below the waist. You already want to call her your girlfriend, you are ready for funny kids like you, you feel a state of euphoria and a desire to start dancing. You even think you know what to expect on the first date! Yes, she is definitely the ONE! – Cupid repeats to you. Maybe you’ve already fallen in love?

How to end a date with a kiss? Make an agreement about a new meeting, then try to smooch the lass right on the lips, and don’t be shy! She might dodge and turn away, but it’s okay. Read by her smile, eyes, but don’t listen to what she says. You can impulsively hug a lady without a snog, leaving the “sweet things” for the future.

Do not get too relaxed after a successful evening!

The time between the initial and the second meeting is another potential period of possible failure because there is a temptation to activate an endless and annoying dialogue that you don’t need. If you notice you are texting a lady every day from morning to evening, then you most likely look annoying. On the other hand, the lack of messages for three days is also strange. In the correct continuation of the dialogue after the romantic rendezvous, there should be a mention of what you said during the meeting: “This morning I had breakfast in the cafe you had recommended to me. You were right, it is a very cool place! “

But you definitely don’t want to overdo with it: the good impression you have made on a first rendezvous may immediately evaporate after the message “Last night was magical” or a couple of lines like that. Remember the rule: write such messages only after you have kissed. Before that, you are not close enough.

After the third meeting, you leave the danger zone of potential failures. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to go to multiple meetings. If the spark goes out after the rendezvous, then it’s not a problem with your etiquette or plan – it’s just the initial lack of chemistry between you.

Finally, remember there is the most important rule, which must be observed, no matter what your future plans for this are, is to be natural and stay yourself. A well-known aphorism says you would never have a second chance to make the initial impression of yourself. So, it is better to finish every meeting with a smile from the heart added to whatever ending you have come up with.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.