The topic of this article can be of big interest to foreign men who have arranged the dates with the Ukrainian girls they have chosen in a matchmaking agency. What should you say and what is better not to say when you meet Ukrainian girls?

To begin with, I want you to remember the three rules of communication when you meet Ukrainian girls:

  1. Your communication must be interesting for your date;
  2. You must speak easily and do not let pauses in communication;
  3. You must make your woman get interested in you, make the communication show your strengths and best sides.

That is why not every topic is suitable for a conversation with Ukrainian girls who you want to impress. Especially the topics, that can bring about any arguments, should be avoided. The forbidden topics include politics, religion, racism, etc. Any topic on which each of you can have an opposite opinion is not good for a date. Of course arguing is good and proving your point of view is great, however it will not help you get Ukrainian girls like you.

I can assure you that your date will hardly be interested in listening about brilliant performance of your favourite football team at Euro 2016 (of course there are exceptions, but they are not frequently met), or your fishing success. Of course, if you can tell about it in bright colours, you can get the girl’s interest, but if the topic is chosen incorrectly, it will be more difficult to get the woman interested in the conversation with you.

So, which topics are good for conversation with Ukrainian girls? Here is a short list for you to check.

  • How you spend your free time, what she does in her days off? You can discuss the places where you can go to: cinema, theatre, exhibitions. Talk about your latest trips or the places you would like to visit. If you understand that you do not have much to discuss on this topic, try to rethink your free time and find yourself some interesting activities if not for your own pleasure, then to have what to talk about with your woman.
  • You can talk about music, classical and modern films, photography, paintings, architecture. If you know a lot about classical music, painters, visit theatres and know the difference between impressionism and modernism, you are welcome to talk about art with Ukrainian girls will like it a lot.
  • If you are keen on some kind of sport, lead active lifestyle, or do some sport talk about it. If it is some unusual or extreme kind of sport, you are absolutely lucky. However, do not get into details, especially if you notice that the girl is not so interested, try to change the topic.
  • Friends and relationship. This is, probably, the most favourite topic for Ukrainian girls. Tell them some interesting stories from your life, about your friends, and they will definitely make comments and tell something interesting about theirs. Such topics give us positive emotions, making us remember the nicest moments of our lives.
  • Deep, emotional topics. Here you can talk about your childhood, your dreams. However, before discussing such personal topics with Ukrainian girls, discuss something general to make your date trust you. And if you want your Ukrainian girl to tell you about her dream, start with telling about yours. In this case, she may want herself to tell you about her dream in reply.

Well, if you are going to meet a Ukrainian girls, look through this article, remember this short list of the topics, read or check some information about art, the latest events, or whatever topic you may need to discuss on the Internet if necessary, and go for it, enjoy your communication.