What if a girl asked for a gift?

Most family and marriage therapists tend to agree: it is not a good idea to give expensive gifts early in a romantic relationship, in particular, after the first date. However, buying little surprising or cute random gifts for your potential girlfriend may give a woman a lot of pleasure and show your sincere interest, but only if you are willing to give something.

What should you do if a girl you have never seen before acts as if you’re her first and only true love and asks you to buy her a gift? Let’s imagine she looks gorgeous and you’re seeking to impress a lady, to win a woman’s heart with lavish gestures. Unless she’s a gold digger seeking Apple’s latest mobile launch or earrings with diamonds, it never works. You may indeed get to “win” a woman, but all you’ll get is sex to keep you around with you believing she’s “into” you. The only thing these divas are into is money into your pockets. The song “Lying Eyes” by the brilliant Eagles encompasses all you need to be aware of certain types of girls.

On the other hand, giving love-favours has its meaning and value towards a serious relationship. If a lady you’re trying to deepen the connection with asks for a present, it could be her love language.

Nowadays, the above-mentioned love language gets a lot of side-eye compared to the others — quality time, physical touch, acts of service or words of affirmation. People who value presents more are considered to be materialistic and shallow. However, those who thrive in this tongue could be giving and generous. Does your better half put much into your interaction? In the case of a pretty serious relationship, you have probably already noticed your soulmate’s contribution, which she wants to be appreciated. Perhaps, receiving favours is far less about the item itself, and more about your intention behind it. People whose language revolves around presents tend to form strong emotional associations with physical objects. This is why they put so much care and determined effort into presents they choose. After all, every time your better half looks at the object, or wears it, or uses it, she’ll remember that you’re the one who gave it to her. And it’ll make your soulmate smile.

Let us remind you it is not a question of luxury or expensive items after you’ve just got acquainted with someone. Last but not least, your desire to give should be a key. Otherwise, we bet you’ll regret it and your communication with a person will be ruined.

What is a good gift for your girlfriend? Obviously, she has intentionally dropped a hint. What may she want? You two must have talked through stuff, shared details, which can help guide an item. Using what she says as a source of inspiration will ensure she gets something she genuinely likes, and show your better half that you listen to what she says.