I am sure most of you, my dear readers, will agree that the first date puts a good start to almost every serious relationship between a man and a woman and the first impression is another important factor influencing the future of a couple. Thereby I want you to remember that in love affairs clothes do make a man and when you are planning to meet a woman for the first time, you must know what to wear on a first date.

To help you cope with the task of what outfit to choose we have decided to give you a couple of good advice.

The first thing you should do is to plan exactly where you will spend your first date. You are free to choose any place where you will feel comfortable, however do not forget that your choice must include what the woman you are going to meet will want. I feel that spending a couple of hours in the cinema, chewing popcorn and shyly trying to hug your date is not the best scenario to help you get to know each other and win the woman’s interest.

Secondly, whatever recommendations you will find in this article must not be an order for you to follow. If you do not think that you want to put on this or that piece of clothing or accessory, change it for the one that will make you feel comfortable and self-confident.

Now let me say that, in my humble opinion, there are three best ways to spend the first date successfully: in the nature or walking around the city, having a dinner in a café, and, of course, having a dinner in a posh restaurant. Each place needs different outfit. So, let us look at what will make you a hit with your woman and what to wear on a first date .

What to wear on a first date in the nature?

Although, a walk in the park or in the nature seems something not serious, something that mainly youth do because they have not much money, a walk in the moonlight can be an unforgettable event, as well as a picnic on a lawn can be the best way to get to know each other in casual atmosphere.

For such dates, the best choice is casual clothes. If you do not know where exactly you will be, it is better not to wear light colored jeans or trousers, since if you sit on the grass or a bench, you may put a stain on them. The best choice will be dark-blue or dark-grey jeans or trousers. And I advise you to wear a light-colored T-shirt. Do not forget to take a sweater with you, which you will use to make your date warm in case it gets chilly in the evening. As for the shoes, it is better to choose classic loafers or white sneakers. But remember that your footwear must be comfortable.

What to wear on a first date in a café?

In some cases, it is better to have a date in a café or a plain, not a posh restaurant. Such dates can be spent in “half-casual” clothes. For example, instead of a T-shirt or a sweater, you can put on a casual shirt and jacket, or a sports jacket. If you do not have a jacket, you can replace it with a blazer. As for the footwear, it must be classic men footwear or, again, classic (not sports) white sneakers.

What to wear on a first date in a posh restaurant?

If you have arranged a meeting with a woman in a good restaurant, your outfit must suit such a serious place. You must wear a formal classic suit, a classic light-colored shirt and classic shoes. You can also put on different accessories like a tie, French cuffs, a watch or a pocket square. I do not think I should remind you about the quality of the things you will choose.

The last set of tips for you to consider:

  1. Do not put on black clothes (too dramatic) or too bright clothes (can distract your date’s attention).
  2. Whatever clothes you will choose to wear must be clean and tidy. The shirt must be ironed, the shoes cleaned and your socks must not be torn.
  3. Choose the clothes in which you will feel comfortable, but this does not mean that you can wear a tracksuit.
  4. If you have bought some new clothes for the first date, make sure that they fit you well and do not cause any discomfort.
  5. You, yourself, must look tidy and smart: have clean and done hair, be shaved (without any cuts), wear light perfume, have fresh breath and, very important, have a small handkerchief in the pocket of your jacket or trousers, which can make a miracle if you give it to your date at the right time.

Finally, having read the tips I have listed, you know what to wear, but you must remember that the way you wear it is more important. If you have never worn a formal suit and classic shoes, do not play with fire because your woman will definitely see whether you have worn such an outfit before or not. The first date is not for experiments and if you want to impress the woman, you must be natural.