Being a professional matchmaker for almost 10 years I could have written a book of funny and romantic stories about dating experience of my clients and who knows maybe one day I will really do it, but today I want to bring up a very interesting topic “What type of ladies to avoid while searching for your soul-mate in Ukraine?”.

At we do not post profiles of our male and female members online. We respect privacy of our clients. Really often my male clients email me pictures of different Ukrainian girls from different dating sites. They want to show me the “type of beauty” that they find attractive. What caught my attention is the fact that pretty often same ladies or same pictures of the ladies are literally at all dating sites. Usually when ladies send us requests to join our base we make a small research about them. We check social networks, dating sites (local and international) and google information about the ladies.  We check when did they open their profile at the dating site for the last time, what information did they provide about themselves and so on. After conducting hundreds of interviews and checking thousands of profiles I can tell you that there is a group of ladies that we feel really reluctant to accept into our base.  

I have called this group “Online stars”.

You all know these girls. They have profiles at ALL popular dating sites. They often post new photos and add new information about themselves. You can find them on-line in the morning, at night and on the weekends. They use international and local dating sites for months and sometimes years. On the one hand you can say what’s bad if she takes her search so seriously and invests so much energy into finding her soul mate. On the other hand if she spends so much time online does she have an off-line life at all? What pushes her to be on-line all the time? Perhaps she is not just searching for the right man, but this is already an addiction? Perhaps all she needs is attention and the illusion of communication and relationship – on-line can give her all this.

Why falling for the on-line star can be a bad idea? Well, there is always the risk that you will just be one of many members of her army of Internet admires. Also the chances that you will bring your online relationship off-line are rather low.

Another group that I would recommend to avoid is “Drama queens”.

You can meet these ladies both online and off-line. Usually they are beautiful and know how to make a man fall after her. They can be fun to be with on the first and sometimes second date, but the worst will come after. Girls from this group will change their mind 10 times per day. At 1 p.m. she feels like meeting you and at 2 p.m. she tells you she doesn’t feel chemistry between you and her and at 3 p.m. she will herself suggest to meet, but after you agree she will change her mind again. Usually such ladies will drive you crazy with jealousy. On the one hand it can be sweet and flattering at the early stage, on the other hand you won’t find it cute when she will accuse you in flirting with the waitresses or another lady whose name you don’t even know.

And of course I can’t recommend you to fall in love with the ladies from the group “I am selfish and I know it”. Beautiful, seductive spoilt creatures whose hearts have tried to win so many men, but those hearts are already taken. These ladies already have love of their lives – they are hopelessly in love with themselves. You can read poems under her window, send flowers to her office, buy her expensive jewelry and make tattoos with her name, but still it won’t be enough. Relationship with such ladies can be addictive. Men love challenging themselves and communication with such ladies is a huge challenge. But don’t fall into illusion that you can change the nature of the lady from this group. Don’t forget she is selfish and she already knows it and is absolutely ok with that.

Another group of ladies, which I won’t recommend for serious long-lasting relationship and of course not for marriage is “Party never ends”. Ladies from this group are fun to be with. They always smile and are optimistic about everything that surrounds them. They are easy-going and know good jokes. They bring the party and the vacation mood whenever they go.

They won’t mind to celebrate New-Year with you in Dubai and your birthday in France. They will play bowling with you, water ski, sing in karaoke, drink vodka shots, etc. If one day you decide to stop the party and to talk about “boring stuff” like relationship, family, money, job, or children, the “Party never ends” girl will start searching for new friends to party with.

And another interesting group of ladies that I would recommend to be careful with is “Tender flower which grew up not for you”. This is a tricky group. It includes ladies of different ages. It can be a university professor in her 40s and a divorced mother in her 30s. Not so long ago I was interviewing a girl from this group who is actually 27 years old. During the interview she told me that her last date was terrible, because the guy she was out with “has tried to hold her hand”. She told me this was their third date and it was a movie date. I have asked her why did she find it inappropriate that during the third date the young gentleman has decided to show his growing romantic interests in her by holding her hand. She told me that she was definitely not “that” type of a girl and of course she would never ever go out with him again. If you ever consider saying out loud the sex word in front of the lady from this group on the date number 10, even if she is long divorced and already has two kids from the previous marriage, there is a chance that she will punch your face, faint or run away.

Of course there are more groups of ladies that are hard and sometimes impossible to date, so it is important to keep your eyes open because sometimes dating can be tricky. I wish you all only successful interesting dating and I hope to see you in our blog again because new articles about the type of the ladies that the gentleman should pay particular attention at is coming out soon. If you have any questions about dating Ukrainian ladies, feel free to contact us directly.  

From Svetlana Mukha, with love