What types of cuisine can you find in Kharkiv?

Being the second-largest city in Ukraine, the former capital and pretty cosmopolitan, Kharkiv offers a wide variety of dining establishments with Ukrainian and foreign cuisine. You can find traditional American, Japanese, Italian, German, Turkish, Armenian, Mexican, Chinese, Russian and Thai restaurants in Kharkiv and the ones, serving fusion and exotic food, in Ukraine. We would like to suggest practical tips on how to navigate dining establishments in Kharkiv and gain the most extraordinary culinary experience.

We hope you’ll have an opportunity to try our national dishes in Ukraine and be interested in popular food items. Ukrainian dishes lack the pretentiousness and refinement of French meals, cooking techniques are not complicated, there are no sophisticated names and no multiple or rare ingredients, but traditional meals are extremely tasty, nutritious, and simple for cooking. In Kharkiv you’ll be offered to taste borshch, varenyky with different fillings, halushky, homemade sausages, kruchenyky and shkvarky. They are definitely worth trying!

Are you eager to plunge into the atmosphere of the Georgian mountains? You are welcome! Well-known Georgian dishes like khachapuri filled with cheese and meat, khinkali with veal and pork, and a dessert phali are carefully prepared to please the most demanding taste. No matter when you come, you will have a chance to taste fantastic meat cooked on the brazier.

Numerous German dining establishments surprise you with a great choice of beer of different brands and strengths. You’ll also have a chance to try world-famous German sausages and steaks.

Different interiors of Italian restaurants recall the refined atmosphere of the typical trattoria or osteria. They serve Mediterranean meals as well as the aroma of Italian spices, wine, and olive oil. Most of them mix traditional and contemporary styles in their design with Italian trifles, creating the mood.

Kharkiv is able to offer you an exciting adventure to Asian countries. Visiting Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants, you will get into the world of harmony, peace, and romantic atmosphere of overseas countries.

Needless to say, no one wants to waste time and money on a so-so experience. Fortunately, there are a few keys to authenticity that can help you zero in on a dining establishment worthy of the name. Established, authentic restaurants with limited hours are often booked out – it’s a sign of the quality of both the food and the experience. Good meals are all about freshness, and that means using ingredients in season. Both the ambiance and the service contribute to the overall experience just as much as the meal itself. You should expect a welcoming, inviting atmosphere with attentive service.