Being quite a big and cosmopolitan city, Kharkiv has a great variety of restaurants, offering you to try traditional dishes from different countries. Here you can find Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, German, American, Georgian, Armenian, Thai, Mexican, Ukrainian restaurants as well as lots of seafood, fast food cafes and even the ones, serving exotic food. Not to get lost among them, read through our quick guide to the most favorite traditional restaurants.

  1. Italian cuisine. 
    Italian cuisine
    In different parts of Kharkiv you will find restaurants serving Italian cuisine, which are not just restaurants, but pieces of Italy. They store Mediterranean traditions and atmosphere, as well as the aroma of Italian spices, wine and olive oil. Most of Italian restaurants mix traditional and modern style in their interior design with small Italian trifles, creating the mood for tasting traditional Italian dishes, among which you will find a great choice of salads, pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna and the mouth-watering desserts, which will delight everyone.
  2. Asian cuisine. Without the need to leave Kharkiv, you can go on an exciting adventure to Asian countries. Visiting Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants, you will get into the world of harmony, peace and romantic atmosphere of overseas countries. When you enter one of such restaurants, you become a Guest, who is treated with the greatest respect. So, if you want to feel the true atmosphere of Asia, you are welcome to visit one of numerous Asian restaurants.
  3. Armenian cuisine. If you would like to try real Armenian dishes, you will have such a chance in Kharkiv as well. Armenian restaurants will treat you to delicious pilaw and shashlik, as well as to the key dish of Armenian cuisine – lavash, baked on the walls of a special round clay fireplace. You can also taste unforgettable Armenian sweets and unsurpassed wine made of special kinds of grapes.
  4. Georgian cuisine. georgiaIf you are hoping to plunge into the atmosphere of Georgian mountains, you can do it in Kharkov too. You will have a chance to eat traditional Georgian dishes like khachapuri filled with cheese and meat, khinkali with veal and pork and eat a famous Georgian dessert phali. No matter when you come, you will have a chance to taste fantastic meat cooked on brazier.
  5. German cuisine. Numerous German restaurants will surprise you with a great choice of beer of different brands and strengths. You will also have a chance to try traditional and world famous German sausages and steaks.
  6. Ukrainian cuisine. I hope that while visiting Ukraine you will want to try our national cuisine. And that is not only because you have to know what people of the country you are visiting eat. Many people, who have tried it say that it is really delicious. Of course, you can find restaurants serving Ukrainian dishes in every corner of our city. So the choice is quite big. What will they offer you? Oh… You will definitely have a chance to try famous Ukrainian borshch, vareniki with different fillings and galushki. You will also be offered to taste homemade sausage, kruchenyky, shkvarky and many other traditional Ukrainian dishes, which are worth your attention.

Frankly speaking, there are many more restaurants offering other varieties of food. And if you have enough time, you can taste even the most exotic dishes. But if you are planning to fully understand Ukraine, the country from which you want to get a wife, you must try traditional Ukrainian cuisine.