What do Ukrainian girls think about Tinder?

A wide range of dating apps and websites have become popular in Ukraine. Their existence cannot be denied because a vast majority of people tend to use them all over the world. What online chat apps do men and women prefer to use in Ukraine? Is Tinder mostly used in Ukraine? To answer these questions, we’ve decided to ask our female clients to share their opinions.

Inna. To be honest, I’m not sure that Tinder is popular in our country. It’s considered a Western thing. I guess any application that connects people and allows them to communicate can bring people together for a date, but most people using Tinder are interested in a hookup. In my own experience, it’s like 98% of them are just seeking sex.

Anna. At present, my aim is to speak English fluently and I’d like to improve my language skills. Therefore, I’ve downloaded Tinder to practice English, talking to foreigners. Also, traveling around Europe, I’ve got acquainted with two or three highly-intelligent guys. In fact, I try to take advantage of any opportunity to develop greater understanding and friendship with different people in the world. Is it a good app to meet girls? It’s hard to say. Most of the men I’ve met are more fascinated by my appearance than my personality because they’re interested in having sex only.

Margarita. There are a few free services in Ukraine related to dating and chats. Well, I think using them to find a boyfriend or to expand your circle of friends may be a good idea. I tend to agree that they are full of sex seekers and perverts but nobody could deny the fact that there are also people who are actually planning a genuine date or up for a serious relationship. On the other hand, you have to dig deeper. I suppose it seems a safer bet than nightclubs if you are looking for a romantic relationship. It’s up to you to ask questions, be patient, screen profiles, signal intent, and use good judgment.

Veronika. Tinder makes it easy to talk to and meet people. As far as I know, many people have met their significant other or even spouse. Personally, I don’t like the application, I’d prefer not to get acquainted with men online. I’d better take up a new hobby. I believe increasing the pool of people I meet and see will only increase my odds of meeting someone new whom I like.

Irina. I believe it’s all about people. Many of my friends met on dating sites and have been together for years. However, there really are a lot of cheaters, nowadays it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. After having been single, I decided to get on Tinder. I was not interested in random hookups but I felt a bit deceptive, knowing what the app is famous for. I played with it a little bit and got a few matches, but was far too scared to contact anyone. A few guys messaged me and their messages put me off immediately.

Alina. On Tinder, women cannot be overwhelmed. The ball is in their court, and they determine who they want to connect with. Often in life or even on social media, girls feel overwhelmed by being approached when they don’t want to be. Besides, when you get a match, you know that the other person has already expressed a mutual interest, which makes saying hello much less intimidating.

Having analyzed the ladies’ answers, it seems to be a good invention, which makes communication easier, as we do not need to write long letters and wait for weeks to receive the answer. Nevertheless, not everyone who uses Tinder is interested in building a serious relationship. Anyway, everyone makes their own choice, therefore, you’d better make the right one.