Dating sites have already become an inseparable part of our life. We cannot deny their existence as well as the fact that many women and men around the world use them widely. That is why we have decided to ask girls what they think of dating with Tinder, which is one of the most popular dating services nowadays.

Oksana. To tell you the truth, not many people use Tinder in Ukraine. It is a more European application. As for me, I have downloaded it to find interesting acquaintances and, more important, practice English. With its help I often walk with foreigners around Kharkov or meet someone when I travel around Europe. Of course, most of men I have met wanted to have sex with me, but still, I managed to find good friends too.

Olga. I tried to use Tinder to expand my circle of friends and, maybe, find myself a boyfriend. Everything is simple. You upload your photos, choose the age and the distance within which you want to find acquaintances and put likes to those, who you actually like. As far as I know, a lot of men use Tinder to find a one night sexual partner. As for me, it helps me to escape from boredom on my way home in public transport. I take Tinder as good language practice and a game. I can write to several men at the same time and once I even arranged to have three dates during one evening.

Nataliya. I decided to use Tinder because of boredom. It was summer. My friends were away and I wanted some motion in my life. So I created a Tinder profile. Now I communicate with five different men and can have a lot of fun going to different places and having different emotions. However, a couple of times my dates were not so fun. Once, for example, I met an attractive young man, who drank a pint of beer and started telling me how bad he felt because his girlfriend had broken up with him a couple of  hours ago.

Elena. Using Tinder I can meet different men: a young guy, a respected man, my next-door neighbor or even a waiter from my favourite café. What I do not like about Tinder is that anyone can put not real photos of himself and when I agree to date a man, I am not absolutely sure how exactly it will go and even who exactly I will date. Very often men think that if I put a like under their photo, I am ready to immediately have sex with them. Moreover, they get really upset when I tell them I am not. It is also very interesting that there are men, who see me as their future wife after having liked my photo. As for me, I use Tinder just to have fun and do not often date with men from this site in reality.

You know what… I just remember that one of my friends has made a good use of Tinder. Do you want to know how? When she was travelling around Europe she managed to save money having dinner with men in restaurants. I am not sure she was doing the right thing; still it was what she used Tinder for.

Having analyzed the girls’ answers, I have made up my own opinion about using Tinder. It seems to be that it is a good invention, which makes our communication easier, as we do not need to write long letters and wait for weeks to receive the answer. It is very good for people, who are shy and may have difficulties getting acquainted somewhere in a bar or in the street. That is why the first step with Tinder is much easier. However, as we can see, not everyone who uses Tinder is looking for serious relationship. Is it bad? I cannot tell you this. Everyone makes his own choice in life. And I wish you, my dear reader, to make the right choice of yours.