What Ukrainian ladies know about Thanksgiving

Remarkably, when it comes to Thanksgiving, a vast majority of people in Ukraine could be surprised to hear that our ancestors also had Ukrainian Thanksgiving Day with family gatherings and formal dinners. In particular, in 2020 it was falling on September 20, on the third Sunday in September.

Moreover, the custom to give thanks to God for the harvest, health, wealth, prosperity and well-being has existed among the Slavs for a long time. For instance, the Obzhinka Harvest Festival has been celebrated in our country since ancient times and is also known as the holiday, which was held on the occasion of the end of farm activities falling in mid-September. Over time, traditions began to be forgotten, but the holiday remains at a local unofficial level in the form of traditional fairs where Ukrainian dishes and Thanksgiving food items are offered.

At present, it is always held on Sunday, which gives people the opportunity to celebrate it with their closest ones, their relatives and friends. They may go out for lunch and dinner or attend a wide variety of cultural events, especially in Kyiv and Lviv. The holiday gift may typically consist of gourmet, chocolate, or meat and cheese gift baskets. A beautiful arrangement of autumn flowers can also delight your beloved ones in Ukraine.

Obviously, Ukrainians are aware of one of the most important annual national American holidays in November. Furthermore, due to popular American movies Thanksgiving has its particular glamour inspired by legends and exquisite charm of traditional celebration.

Although it is a time when families reunite, express gratitude for one another and feel closer to one another than at any other time, we can’t help smiling thinking about Thanksgiving, because it reminds us of one of the funniest moments, which happened a few years ago at our office.

One of the female clients, let’s call her Ella, came to our office on Thanksgiving Eve and asked for help. What we just need to tell is that she got used to looking gorgeous in her high heels and elegant gown. She considered herself an ambitious and goal-oriented lady. Moreover, her self-esteem and confidence could only be admired. At that time, she was dating a highly intelligent and established gentleman from Canada. She was adamant, absolutely positive that she was a person with an excellent command of English and completely fluent in the language. Nevertheless, she wasn’t good enough at digital technologies and wanted us to assist her with Skype.

After the office manager had helped her to reach her boyfriend on Skype, we witnessed probably the most humorous conversation in our life. “Dear, dear,” Ella was almost yelling, “Ella is here! Happy Sex Giving Day!” Yeah, we’re sure you’ve understood everything. We tried, unsuccessfully, to convince the lady that Thanksgiving was devoted to gratitude, but perhaps she just loved the idea that intimacy was the cornerstone of the celebration. Why not? Or, perhaps, she just couldn’t spell it right.

Dear gentlemen, let us wish you the happiest Sex Giving Day. We hope it’ll be full of emotions, love and excitement. It’s our wish that you find someone special to build a harmonious romantic relationship, which includes trust, affection and wild adventures!