What’s Your Relationship Status

Love bonds always develop in different ways. When all is just beginning, many try to hold their horses so that everything goes gradually. Choosing a date partner can be the most important decision in life. A person who does not suit you can not only destroy your life but also break your attitude and self-esteem. It doesn’t matter under what circumstances you started dating; there is a very clear set of signs you are “serious.”

In fact, it becomes clear almost from the very beginning by the way you spend time together, how often you see each other, and what you discuss. Understandably, on a first date, you don’t go into detailed stories describing your lifestyle, work, and interests. However, in the future, all these topics can become the foundations of living together, and pretty soon you begin to discuss them.

There is nothing wrong with moving to a new level. They must become stronger, fuller, more meaningful. Your girlfriend doesn’t take up your entire life and time, but she is, without a doubt, responsible for a huge part of your personal happiness and comfort. So, if you start to feel like you’re “serious” ask yourself how healthy your feeling is. Being with someone, because it is so convenient, is quite simple, but not entirely correct from the point of view of both parties. You have to prepare well and ask yourself and your partner certain questions to help you get to know each other better and understand if the plans coincide.

What type of relationship are you looking for? It is the first question one needs to answer before creating any love bonds. However, if you have already found a girl to date with and you have been going out for quite a while, both of you might want to understand what is going on between you.

Frankly speaking, there are different types of relationship statuses: friends, colleagues, soulmates, lovers, etc. Is it possible to understand yours is serious? I offer to spend a minute analyzing your behavior according to the following features. If you realize they describe your conduct next to this very person, hold on to her and do not let go. Everything is more than serious!

You are open and sincere with your girlfriend. You want to speak freely in your girl’s presence, imagine your future, explain how much you care. It is the first sign showing the status of the relationship between you is on a grand level.

You admire your woman. You can spend hours talking to each other. You ask thousands of questions because you desire to learn about your GF as much as possible. Moreover, you are all ears when she is speaking as you don’t want to miss a thing and remember all the details.

You keep your promises. If you promise to take your woman to a party on a Friday night, you do it even if you have had an exhausting day at work. As if you are serious, you never give empty promises as it could disappoint your chosen one.

Your woman is your priority in any issues. Of course, it does not mean you neglect other things in your life. Still, it is needless to say you will be there when your love needs you.

You take action without hesitations. The question “what is a relationship status” between you is easy to answer having paid attention to the way you look at your girl and what you do. You are ready to delete your account on dating sites, the telephones of female friends, your exes… Anything, just to show your dear she is the main woman in your life.

You take HER opinion into account. When you feel confused, in a relationship you listen to the lady’s advice. You listen to what she says and respect every word you hear.

You have introduced the lady to your friends and family. She even spends a lot of time in their company too. You want to make this person a part of your world and do everything to make it happen.

You respect the lady’s family and want her friends to like you as this is your ticket to your woman’s world too.

You imagine your future together and tell the girl about it. You offer to leave everything and escape from the city, travel around the world, you even offer the GF to move to your place. You have special goals for your GF.

Her happiness is your happiness. Many statuses about relationships say when you love someone, you are ready to do whatever it takes to make them happy as it will bring you pleasure too.

Finally, cr. Hours and even days spent in each other’s company fly by. You enjoy being with the girl and spend quality time together.

However, despite the fact there are signs showing what kind of bond there is between you and the lady, remember: when you meet someone special, you understand it immediately. So, listen to your heart and you will know for sure what type of relationship you have.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.