It`s often a dilemma for guy to decide when it`s actually the right time to invite lady to his place. I can say that it depends on what you actually want from the lady. Do you see her as your potential girlfriend in the future or she is just another hot chick for you? In the second situation you know what to do. You can try your luck and invite her to your place right after the first date. You have nothing to lose in that case.

In this article I want to talk about when is the right time to invite her to your place and not to scare her off or not to hurt her feelings.

Most of the time ladies rely on the rule of three dates. But it doesn`t always work like that. Some women need more time, others less.

You can start thinking of inviting her to your place if :

  • you feel that you have a connection;
  • you have got the feeling that you know each other for a very long time already;  
  • she starts to feel more comfortable with you;
  • hesitation is almost gone;
  • you are falling in love.

You should win her trust first.  A good sign is when she starts to share with you her life story and maybe even some little secrets. When you see that she stops to act like you are a stranger to her and starts to open up more and more, it will be time to act for you. Once a connection is established it`s time to invite her to your place.

You should come up with the reason why you are inviting her. Of course she is a big girl already and understands exactly what might happen. But she will feel less pressure if you invite her to watch a movie or you simply want to show her how you live. A very good reason is to cook dinner for her. I`m sure she will appreciate it. Light up candles, open a bottle of wine and share the romantic dinner you made with your lady.

I have to notice that if you invite a lady to your place for some reason you should stick to it at least in the beginning. For example if you invite her to watch a movie you should really watch it or start it at least.  

Show a lady your place, be a guide and make her a mini-tour in your house or apartment. Make her feel comfortable, make her feel home.

There is one more life hack for you guys how to speed up the process of making a lady feel that she knows you for a very long time already. The trick is to visit several places during the date with her. For example you can start your date in the cinema to watch a romantic movie and create a right mood. Then move to a restaurant for dinner and after stop by a bar for drinks. In the end of the date when everything is closed already it will be a good reason to invite her to your place. Almost forgot, it`s better to choose the area nearby your place. 😉      

Good luck!