Step by step we are building our lives and trying to make it perfect. Some of us have everything planned already at school, others still have no idea what they are doing with their lives. Sometimes life goes not the way you planned. We can`t control everything and not everything depends only on us unfortunately. You can`t predict and know for sure that in late 20s you will meet the love of your life, in your early 30s get married and in a year or two have a baby. But it`s better to have a plan anyway. Sometimes happens that your plan doesn`t match with the plan of your best half. For example she wants to have kids in the nearest future but you think that it`s not the right time yet.

When is it actually the best time to have a baby?

What criteria do influence your decision-making? You have to be able to explain your position to a partner. Let`s discuss when is the best phase of your life to have a baby?

If she wants kids right away you should talk about what both of you can offer to a child as parents. Are you financially secure? Like it or not, with a baby your expenses will significantly increase. You should be ready for it and have some savings. It`s important to have a permanent work agreement to feel secure in your future and future of your child.

Child is one of the biggest happiness in life and a big responsibility at the same time

Both of you should understand that child will change your daily life. You won`t be able to sleep till noon and then leisurely drink coffee. You can forget about it. It reminds me a joke where Santa Claus asks a mother of two children what she wants to get for Christmas. She asked for a unicorn or free time in the mornings to drink coffee in silence. Santa says: “Unicorn sounds more realistic in your situation.”

Sometimes she wants kids because it is time to have kids or she must have kids. Women still feel old-fashioned societal pressure on them unfortunately.

You also shouldn`t forget about the age of your lady and yours. The main advantages of being young parents are their health and lots of energy. For women it`s easier to carry a child in a young age. The possibility to have a baby with Down`s Syndrome is less when the parents are younger. So maybe it`s not so bad if your sweetheart wants to have kids when she is young and full of energy. Starting at age 35 there is an increasing risk of pregnancy issues and a higher chance of miscarriages.

The best time to have a baby is the time when you and your lady decide that both of you are ready to be parents and take this responsibility. When you feel that you are mature enough, emotionally and financially stable. Even if you are not but going to become parents then just accept the situation and be grateful for such blessing. It means that the universe decided it for you.

Children are the most magical things that can happen with us. Or how we say in Ukraine: “Children are the flowers of life”