There are a lot of questions that we get from our men-clients. And one of such questions is: “Men of which nationalities do Ukrainian women like most?” We have asked our girls and here are the results with their explanations.

  • Americans

Americans are considered to be a tidbit among Ukrainian girls. The reason for this is probably “good advertisement” made by numerous American movies in which we see tough men, who are ready to do whatever it takes for their partner. They are passionate, respectful, loving and caring. Another thing that we, Ukrainian girls, like is that dating Ukrainian women American men trust them. They do not want to hide their beautiful girl from other men; conversely, they are eager to demonstrate their beauty queen to the rest of the world and are proud of it. They are easy-going and can become quite good husbands.

  • Germans.

Ukrainian girls like German men because they are straightforward, communicative and they like clear answers without any hints or hidden sense. Dating Ukrainian women, German men prefer to have equal rights and make common decisions.  They work a lot, but their job is not their main ambition, it is just the way to provide for the family. What is more they do not mind marrying a girl from abroad.

  • Austrians.

Austrian men are kind, quiet and friendly. Like Germans they are good family men. However, they are less emotional, quite down to earth, like thoroughness in every aspect of life as well as cozy home. That is why they also do not mind dating Ukrainian women, who are real experts in making a house home. Oh, and very important, dating an Austrian man, girls who are into extreme sports like skiing, usually get a good partner for this activity.

  • Swiss.

Despite the fact that Swiss men are more reserved and conservative, they are quite popular among Ukrainian girls, who see the Swiss as quiet, friendly people, who live a simple life. They are not as open to dating Ukrainian women as Germans and Austrians, and are quite long to wait to propose to a girl. Nevertheless, this does not stop Ukrainian girls from looking for a husband in Switzerland.

  • Italians.

No list of the most desired “boyfriends” can be full without mentioning Italian men, who are lively, impetuous and creative. Dating Ukrainian women they can bring them the best time of their lives as they can add colors to every day of their relationship.  Italian men are pleasant to look at as they are elegant, smart and, importantly, they smell good! They are very emotional, always ready to hug and kiss their girl, which is really appreciated.

  • French.

Thanks to numerous books and films, French men are seen as noble knights ready to do anything in the name of love. Still, this is not the only thing that makes them attractive to Ukrainian girls. French men are described as zestful and outgoing people. They like to live the life to the fullest, which is usually transferred to their relationship, which they enjoy at any time, no matter if it is idyll or quarrel. Just like Ukrainian girls they care about themselves and want to show their best in public. Dating Ukrainian women, they are ready to help their girl out of the car, open the door for her and make a compliment.  They really value their family and are ready to help their wife whenever it is needed.

  • Ukrainians.

It is quite natural that Ukrainian girls do not mind dating Ukrainian men too. Why? The answer is simple: they are here, beside, at the reach of the hand and there is no language barrier. Dating Ukrainian women they know their mentality and can find the way to their heart easily.

Looking back at the written above, there is only one thing that I can add: it does not matter what nationality you are. When love comes, it sees no boundaries and what you have to do is to make the person you love happy and they will answer you back with the same.