The moment when the waiter brings you the bill is one of the most crucial during the first date. Keeping the good manners, both a man and a woman have to take out their wallets and this is when the destiny of their couple is decided.

A lot of people think that when the first bill is brought a man must pay for it, while a woman must agree to him doing so without any words. But is it always like this? We have decided to ask our male and female clients and friends to help us answer this question.

Who Pays For the First Date?

Anna. Who must pay for the first date? It depends. If during the evening the man cannot understand what he wants from me and beats around the bush, I take out my purse to let him know that I do not want to owe him anything. However, I take it as his miss, since he has not done anything to make me feel I am interesting to him. I think that when a man pays for a woman, he shows that he wants to take care of her.

Alexander: I am absolutely sure that a man must pay for the first date. And a woman must pretend she does not notice this. In case she offers to share the bill, she ruins the magic of the date.

Olga: I think that a man must pay for the first date. I have even read somewhere that if a meeting with a man is not friendly-oriented, but has a different mission like establishing relationship, the value of money rises significantly. By paying for the woman, the man shows that he wants to seduce her and knows how to satisfy her desires. At the same time the woman gets the answer to the question how much she is worth. If the man takes the situation under control, I understand that he is interested in our communication.

Elena: I have heard many times that men must not pay for the first date because we are equal, and feminist women even do not let men pay for them. I think that men, who support this opinion, want to hide their greediness behind it. I am concerned that it is quite normal and absolutely right for a man to pay for the first date. He must seduce me; show me how generous he is without pushing on me. This is when there must not be any calculations; otherwise it will be a bad start for our story.

Maxim: I always pay the bill, feeling that this is what the girl wants. By doing so, I show her that I want her and I am ready to do whatever she wants to get her. If she accepts my rules, we are on the same page.

Nick: I always pay for the first date because I have been taught to do so. And I do not care what will happen next. Even if the date does not have the second after-restaurant-part, I feel satisfied that I have had a great time with a beautiful woman. We are not at the market and I am not buying anyone’s service.

Svetlana: People must follow the etiquette rules, saying that the person who has asked you to date pays for it. Therefore, if a man, who is naturally greedy and does not want to share his savings with anyone else, is forced to pay the bill, it does not mean that his nature will change.

Kate: I think everything depends on my intentions. If I like the man and I am going to continue the relationship with him, I will not mind letting him pay for the first date. However, if during the date I understand that I am not interested in him, I will pay for myself making him understand that he must not wait for anything in return for free dinner.

Valeriya: I think that the person who has asked you to date must pay the bill. However, it is vital that a man remains a real man and does not let a woman pay the bill, especially if they have known each other for a short time.