Who Should Pay on a Date

The question of who has to pay for a date comes up quite often. Especially if it is the first evening out. It was in the distant past that a gentleman unambiguously paid, and nowadays they have practically equal rights with the stronger sex. Therefore, reaching an agreement on the issue is much more difficult.

IMPORTANT. If you do not have an exact answer to the question of who pays when dating for the first time, it is best to choose the institution, which will definitely be affordable. This may help to avoid the awkward situation in which you suddenly have to deal with the bill, but have not enough money.

Having the first rendezvous, emotions bubble inside you, it is a very exciting and touching event in the life of both the girl and the guy. If successful, it can promise a long relationship and a strong family life. But on the other hand, it can carry a lot of doubts and questions. People still don’t know each other much and don’t really trust each other, so paying on the first date is the question, which arises very often. Modernity has made its own adjustments and today you will not surprise anyone with a woman paying for dates fully, or sharing the bill in half. Still, should a guy agree? Will such behavior be correct?

According to the rules of dating etiquette paying the bill depends on several factors. If a woman called a man to a cafe, she must offer him to cover the expenses at least for herself. He has every right to disagree, but since the lady was the initiator of the meeting, she should make such a proposal. If it was a man, then he must pony up the money.

IMPORTANT. Very often, ladies evaluate a gentleman according to this parameter. Therefore, if a woman is interesting, you should prepare in advance and make sure whether you have enough money, choose where it is better to go so as not to miss the chance to develop the relationship.

Interestingly, from the point of view of psychology, “financing” dinner with a lady, a guy subconsciously hopes to receive further gratitude from her. Since there is no point in investing finances just like that, the stronger sex prefers to throw money away only if women are interesting to continue the relationship.

IMPORTANT. If you want to avoid embarrassing situations considering payment, then it is quite possible to go to the park and spend your first romantic evening there. During the walk, you will understand whether you are interested in the companion and whether it is worth continuing to communicate.

Finally, it is not the fact of choosing who gives the money or how to offer to split the bill on a date that is important, but the romantic atmosphere, communication, and delicious food. What is more, there are no “guys paying for date rules” and it is only within you to decide whether you want to be a gentleman and accept any decision your lady makes or not.


Kate: I grew up in a family promoting traditional values. In a couple, a man must take any responsibility. I believe if he himself proposed the idea of going to a restaurant, he should understand the burden of expenses falls on him. I do not welcome the modern relationship – “I pay here; you pay there.” It seems to be unromantic …

Andrew: It all depends on the mutual agreements of the couple. There are no regulations and laws when it comes to the relationship between two people. If a guy is ready to cover all expenses – why not? Let’s say a girl says: “OK, let me take on half of the expenses” – it is also normal. It is the XXI century, what rules to talk about?

IMHO. I believe there are no rules. It does not matter who opens the wallet, however, it is really cool to be invited. If a guy wants to prove he is a real gentleman, he buys our dinner and drinks. It is really flattering when everything is on him, still, I always say that next time is my turn to show generosity 😉

Valeria Matskevich With Love.