According to the researches as to the divorce rate in Ukraine, about 11% of Ukrainians are divorced nowadays. Interestingly, that the number of divorced women is twice as big as the number of men.  The question arises: why the situation is like this.

We have looked into this issue and come up with several reasons why the divorce rate in Ukraine has a chance to grow. In this article we will share our findings.

Why are there so many divorced women in Ukraine?

The first reason why there are so many divorced women in Ukraine is laziness.

At the beginning of relationship each man and woman tries to be the best version of themselves, pay attention to her partner and work on their relationship. However as years go by, many couples succumb to laziness in love. In such a case their “love ship” sinks in the sea of routine, which is full of everyday problems, and the wish to solve them and look at the brighter side disappears.

Such “shipwrecks” lead to adulteries, which are one of the most widespread factors, letting the divorce rate in Ukraine rise. In most cases adultery is considered to be a man’s mistake in marriage, since women cheat on their partners more seldom and even often ready to forgive their beloved when he has cheated on them. The reasons for adulteries are numerous, starting with sexual dissatisfaction and finishing with simple boredom.

Another reason that increases the divorce rate in Ukraine is behavior problems.

They include not only small arguments between lovers, but also more serious troubles: alcohol or drug abuse as well as domestic violence and other legal problems. Unfortunately, such reasons of divorces in Ukraine are more frequent than wanted.

The lack of money often causes many conflicts and general dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Young couples, who live with their parents are in a special risk group, which can face such a problem. Such couples rarely live up to even the 5-year marriage anniversary, as they cannot cope with material problems mixed with their parents’ overprotection.

Sexual inadequacy is unlikely to become the main reason of a divorce, still it can stimulate adulteries and numerous conflicts.

Not to let this happen, both partners have to look after their health, discuss any problems they have constructively, and, very preferably, make a “sex test drive” before getting married.

Women’s mistakes in marriage also make the divorce rate in Ukraine grow. A lot of divorces happen when  babies appear in the family as women can be unable to organize their time and pay attention both to their husbands and kids. That is why, in modern world both partners have to make efforts to keep the family after the childbirth. And that is exactly the reason why it is desirable to think twice  whether you are ready to face such a challenge, which is often neglected by Ukrainian girls, who hurry to get married.

However not only mistakes made by women can destroy a marriage, men’s mistakes in marriage also do their job.

This could be either inadequate jealousy, or being too interested in computer games, unwillingness to look after children, help with the housework, work and earn money, to provide for the family, etc.

Sadly, a lot of couples break up because of one of partner’s or a child’s disease. Not all people are ready to deal with difficulties, which is why “special” kids are often raised by mothers only.

Personal crisis makes quite a big contribution to increasing the divorce rate in Ukraine too.

Couples divorce not only after the childbirth, but also after 20-25 years of living together, when the so-called “crisis of an empty nest” comes: the kids are grown up and do not live with the parents any more, and one of the partners understands that nothing ties them with each other.

The final reason of divorces is quite banal… it is the loss of love.

It is possible that eternal love exists, however it is not that easy to find one. Some attempts fail and lead to divorces. However, not to end badly, more attempts to find true love lead to a new episode, very often to a better and happier one, in people’s lives.