Why dating sites are less efficient than matchmaking?

Very often, our future clients ask our managers why they should choose our matchmaking agency if they can use a free dating site to look for their wife. Every time it takes some efforts and explanations to prove that a matchmaking agency is an organization, which is much more efficient in love industry. What do you personally think, my dear reader? Is it worth falling for free “brides” or, maybe, it is still better to be safe and sound with people working for your happiness? Read this article and make your own choice.

Before speaking about the reasons why online dating is not as efficient as a matchmaking agency, I have to tell you that there is something in common between a matchmaking agency and free dating service: their initial aim is to unite single hearts; however, the methods and the attitude to the clients are different. So, let us look at this issue closer.



A matchmaking agency offers its clients only real dates, without prior correspondence or Skype calls. Usually, possible couples-to-be see each other’s profiles, go through the main information provided in them and look at several photos. If they feel interested in each other, they go on the first date, where they learn more about each other.

The matches are chosen by a professional matchmaker, who controls the whole matchmaking process and provides professional assistance, whenever it is necessary.

As for a free dating site, online communication is the main method of looking for your ONE. Of course, its final aim is meeting in real life, which, unfortunately, happens quite rarely. Therefore, people lose interest for such communication, during which, through trial and error, they try to find their love and end up returning to their computer in hope that next time SHE will be exactly the ONE they need. They are on their own and often choose the wrong person as they have no one to give them prompt advice.



There are special criteria of selecting the clients to a matchmaking agency. To become one, you need to fit in with the demands like age limits, the absence of physical or mental disabilities, as well as grave diseases. People, who use matchmaking service, must have a certain social status and financial state to be able to afford it. If a customer is ready to make investments in their future, they do have serious intentions.

A free dating site, on the other hand, is user-friendly and open for everyone, so any person can join it and state any information they want. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to check whether what is written in the profile is true or not. Even if you call or Skype a person from a dating website, you cannot expect that you will learn all the truth, for example whether they are married or not, as stated in their profiles.



One of the biggest advantages that matchmaking offers is confidentiality. The full client base is not accessible to everyone. The clients’ photos and data are not shown anywhere on public resources. What is more, the information about one client is given to another one only in case they can make a possible match.

Speaking of free internet dating services, we understand that the situation is different. Your personal information is not safe and anyone can look through your profile left on the site.



Addressing a matchmaking agency, clients understand that they will soon meet their potential partner.

Using just a website, you never know when you will be lucky to meet your ONE.

As you can see, the above listed factors prove that a matchmaking agency, in which a professional matchmaker and a psychologist work with clients and make a thorough selection as well as control the matchmaking process, is more effective in terms of finding your better half.

A free dating site, contrarily, is a place, where you can find a big number of non-existing people. It is very sad to hear stories telling how one person was having a cyber love affair with someone on one of such sites, fell in love with them but did not even meet, or got scammed. Sadly, very often people, who choose free internet love communication have other aims than creating a family, which is also uncontrolled.

Therefore, such a helpful service destined to save your time and money in search of your true love and creating a family, is actually something that pushes you away from your goal, while matchmaking efficiently helps to unite lonely hearts. So, what do you think now my dear reader? Is all gold that glitters?