If I were to answer this question, I would definitely say that Kharkov girls choose Diolli.com because they appreciate quality. However, being a representative of this matchmaking company, I could be considered to adding colours to the reality. Therefore, to answer this question we have asked our clients, Kharkov girls, to tell us why they have decided to choose our agency.

Elena. Choosing Diolli.com was not an immediate decision for me. When I decided to look for a matchmaking agency, I started searching for the information on the Internet. From it I learned that Diolli company has existed since 2008. In 2016 and 2017 it won several I-dating awards, which are very significant in the business of matchmaking. Moreover, as far as I understand this agency has a big number of happy marriages as well as good feedbacks both from Kharkov girls and from foreign men, who have used its service.  

Olga. As for me, the feedback and the Internet information about the agency are not so important. My own eyes and ears are the best witnesses. Therefore, when some of my friends advised me to address Diolli, I agreed. However I also decided not to dive into matchmaking immediately, but just look at the staff and the way they work with clients. To tell you the truth, I was pleasantly surprised to see very friendly and helpful people. Whichever question I had was answered in a highly-professional way. I have already had a couple of dates, and before each of them the psychologist helped me with good advice. I am not very fluent at English, and the interpreter, who was present during the dates was really helpful, she did not interrupt the process of communication, but made it flow steadily, so that neither me nor my man felt the presence of the third person.

Katerina. Why do Kharkov girls choose Diolli.com? Probably, because it is one of not many certified agencies. It also has its own site with the information about the agency, its team, feedbacks, success stories, videos, articles and other information, which is quite helpful both for men and women. Unlike the previous agency which I addressed, Diolli has its own office, which is very cozy. When you come there, you feel like home. There is a psychologist, who is always ready to help and everyone is always there for you, when you have a question. The men, who I had dates with were decent, well-bred, they looked like the ones I had seen in the picture before the date and all the information I had received from the staff was true.

Yevgeniya. When I first entered the Diolli’s office, I immediately understood why Kharkov girls should choose this matchmaking agency. If you look around, at the walls you will see a lot of pictures and presents given by happily-married couples, who used to be the agency’s clients while looking for their better half. Moreover, I was shown some success stories as well as introduced to the statute of the agency and offered to sign a contract, which is very important as it shows that the agency does real work and will not fool me. I felt I could trust the staff and this is very important for me.

Alina. When I first came to Diolli, I was a bit puzzled. The manager, who was working with me, asked me a lot of questions about my life, my friends, hobbies, relatives… I thought I was being questioned by a policewoman, however, I understood that she was doing that because a professional matchmaker has to give the most exact information about the woman or a man to the client. Moreover, all the information has to be checked. The manager also asked me to give her my personal photos and said they had to be without any special processing like Photoshop, meaning that the photos of men, I was about to see would also be original and true-to-life. Finally, in some time, I have managed to become good friends with my manager, as well as with our psychologist and interpreter. I think this is why many Kharkov girls choose Diolli.