One can say that every Ukrainian woman longs for creating a family and looks for her better half. Today it can easily be done with the help of the Internet dating sites, social networks, or going to matchmaking agencies.

There are many reasons which can make Ukrainian women look for a husband abroad: despair, distrust to men surrounding them, being busy at work, not having «suitable» candidates in a small town and many others.

That is why it is not so easy for women to find true love, life partner and they go to a matchmaking agency for help. So let us look closer at the types of women, who have decided to address professionals in search for their happiness.

  1. The first type of Ukrainian women using a matchmaking agency includes those who want to find their man with whom they will feel comfortable. Such women want to build a strong family and the place where a man lives does not matter. The search for the soulmate for such women lasts for about half of a year and finishes with marriage.
  2. Some Ukrainian women, who have already been married to a Ukrainian man, come exactly to find a foreign husband. Many of them have children and such women want to find a good man who will become not only a good husband, but a good father for her children as well. It is often because they think that foreign men care about themselves, their health and are reliable when it comes to children. And they are right, aren’t they?
  3. It sometimes happens so, that girls who want to go abroad by any means become the clients of matchmaking agencies. They do not care about what kind of man they would like to meet. Their main goal is to leave Ukraine. However, a professional matchmaker will not let such women be her clients.
  4. Sometimes women whose close man has died, or women after divorce or women, who have split up with their men come to a matchmaking agency. Leaving everything that used to be dear to them behind, in the past, such women are hoping to find something better in the future. However, they do not often marry foreign men. Still attention and compliments that such Ukrainian women get from foreign men in letters or on the telephone help them return belief in themselves, come back to life and see other men beside them. So one day, a moment comes, and they find their happiness.
  5. Another type of women who want to become the clients of a matchmaking agency are the ones, who are in despair because for some reasons they do not get attention from men. They truly hope that a professional matchmaker will help them find their happiness by giving good advice and support.

Finally, the last reason why Ukrainian women go to a matchmaking agency is because nowadays it is difficult to get acquainted with men since the latter do not know how to do it properly. And very often it looks as if men want only sex. Consequently women are afraid to make new acquaintances. Moreover, a lot of men have become so shy and are afraid to even approach a woman they like not to get a refusal, which also makes Ukrainian women turn to matchmaking agencies and search for their destiny abroad.

We hope, that this short extract has given you an insight on what kinds of women can become our clients and why they do it. And we surely wish you good luck in your search.