I want to devote this article to the most widespread question from foreign men who want to marry a Ukrainian women. I have spent some time in search for my better half on one of a great number of dating sites. And many times I have been asked the same question “Why are you looking for your future husband outside Ukraine?” I cannot say that this question puzzled me, but still it made me think about the reason why I had decided to look for my love somewhere outside my country. So in this article you will find the answers of some Ukrainian women, which hope to find their true love abroad.

  • Me (Valeria): Well, I have to say that my decision to look for a partner to create a happy marriage outside Ukraine was sudden. I did not think of where to find a husband, I rather thought that I want to find my better half. At this time a friend of mine told me that one of her friends had tried online dating and was married happily to a foreign man at that time. That is why I decided to try my luck and look for my love. I do not care about where I will find it; I just do my best and go for it, no matter in which part of the world I will find myself married happily to a man I love and who loves me.
  • Tatyana: Why am I looking for my future husband abroad? It is a good question. I have had some bad experiences in my life. Unfortunately, some men I met were not so good to me as I had expected them to be. When we started our relationship, they were gentle, kind and caring. But as time passed something happened to them and they became real strangers, inattentive and sometimes rude. I started asking myself if there what something wrong with me or with them… I have many friends who say that they are happy with their Ukrainian boyfriends, but still I feel that I have to go beyond the limit. I want to experiment. I want to see what foreign men are like.
  • Olga: It is not the first time that someone asks me this question. I have to tell you that in my life, I have already been married, but, unfortunately, I was not happy with my marriage. My husband turned out to be a different person when we got married with him. He was rude, lazy, and did some things that I could not forgive. Therefore, we had to divorce because neither of us wanted to continue that marriage. After the divorce, I thought I have to continue my life and asked some of my friends. You know, all these girls’ talks… and one of them told me about her friend, who had married a foreign man and was very happy. She described foreigners as very gentle, attentive, trustworthy and very good men. Having listened to her, I have decided to try my luck and look for a husband outside Ukraine. I hope that he will be different from my ex-husband and I will try to make a good wife for him.
  • Julia: So you want to why I am looking for my future husband not in Ukraine… I will say, that it is a matter of a major importance for me. I have travelled a lot in my life and I have communicated with many people from other countries. While talking with them, I understood that they are not the same as our, Ukrainian men. They are very attentive, gentle and they have different style of communicating. I think, they have a wider world outlook, just like me, they like travelling and learning new things about our world. I just cannot imagine myself married to anyone but a foreign man. That is why I am looking for HIM and I am sure I will find my better half very soon.
  • Natalia: For me it was not an easy decision to look for my future husband somewhere outside Ukraine, but I truly hope that I have made a correct choice. I have searched the internet, watched some videos and decided to give it a try myself. I have already communicated with a couple of foreign men, who are searching for their future wife in Ukraine, and I have to say that I feel I am on the right way to a happy marriage.

We can look at many more replies from Ukrainian women about why they want to find someone not in Ukraine, but we will find one common reason in every answer. All Ukrainian women want to be happy and they try any way to reach their goal. They want to be good wives and have good husbands, and, as I have already written, it does not matter where it will be, in Ukraine or somewhere in another part of the world.