Why do Ukrainian women want to find a foreign husband?

There are many beautiful single women from Ukraine. Is it true that our girls are looking for a husband abroad? It is actually a myth, not many of them can easily make a decision to marry a foreign man, but it really depends on a girl`s personality and many other factors. It is not easy to leave a family, background, friends and a native country. A high percentage of ladies who marry young, falling in love at early age, but after some time realizing that it is not the person they were looking for the whole life. When we are young, we tend to idealize things, make them perfect when in reality they are not. Unfortunately, we don`t have family education in schools, so people make their own rules and regulations, which vary from family to family. Divorce rate in Ukraine is lower than in the United States. Unfortunately, there are more and more divorces all over the world. So that’s not why Ukrainian girls try to marry abroad.

Why are there so many single women in Ukraine? Are ladies from Ukraine seeking for marriage? They are family-oriented and want to get married. According to our 12 years successful experience in Diolli there are several groups, ladies who are ready only for local introductions and very open-minded women seeking for foreign men. The first group is the majority though. What influences the decision for a foreign partner? Usually such ladies are the ones who travel, explore other countries and cultures, learn other languages, study or work abroad. So they consider marriage to a foreign single man. But women from Ukraine are seeking not just for any foreign men, they want to find a mature, smart, family-oriented potential husband. Let me introduce to ladies who are open to marriage abroad, sharing an opinion and reasons why.

  1. Olga: It is my university friend from Kharkov. As she was a student at the department of foreign languages, she has always been interested in learning new cultures, she was much into German way of life. Olga used to spend all free time reading books in German, watching movies, admiring tall and attractive people on the screen. At that student time she didn`t consider dating a guy from abroad, the priority was to master the language, to know all the tricks of grammar and lexis. Upon graduating the university, Olga found an offer of exchanging program in Frankfurt. A dream came true. She could combine practicing German in real life, working abroad, gaining international experience and bringing a part of it to homeland. Olga was not determined to find love there, but by chance she met a very charming guy, Richard, who took her heart away, because he was very caring, he knew how to make a woman happy. Even though he was only 27, he had serious intentions, they visit each other often, and thinking about getting married soon.
  2. Julia: So you want to know why she considers finding a future husband outside a native country… It is a matter of a major importance. She has travelled a lot in life and has communicated with males from other countries. While talking with them, she realized they are not the same as men from the motherland she came across in life. They are very attentive, gentle and have different style of communicating. She thinks, they have a wider world outlook, just like her, they like travelling and learning new things about our world. She just cannot imagine anyone but a man abroad. That is why she believes to find a better half very soon.
  3. Tatiana: It is not the first time when someone asks this question. She has already been married, but, unfortunately, was not happy. Tatiana`s husband turned out to be a different person after some time. He was rude, lazy, and did some things, which she could not forgive. Therefore, they had to divorce because neither of them wanted to continue any relationship. One of Tatiana`s friend told about a lady, who found a foreign husband at the dating agency and was very happy. She described foreigners as very caring, attentive, trustworthy and loyal. Motivated enough, she decided to do the same and search for love abroad. No matter in which part of the world she will be happily married, she will be a good wife.
  4. Carina is a close friend of mine. She is Jewish by nationality, but has been living in Ukraine since childhood. She has many relatives who live in Israel and visits them very often. Carina likes the culture and a spirit of a united family. Carina`s aunt had a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the age of 34, because she was busy getting two educations and gaining experience workwise and in life in general. By the age of 34 she was ready in all aspects to get married to a Jewish husband, they are very practical, hard-working, family-oriented, which she considered to be the best qualities. So my close friend Carina, having in mind her aunt`s story, is not in a rush to get married too, but she definitely knows which qualities she would love to find in a future husband. She wouldn`t mind a Jewish one, no matter where he lives, either in his home country or here in Kharkov.
  5. One of my school friends, Victoria, since childhood subconsciously loves everything which relates to Italy. Her passion started with mozzarella pizza and gelato. When she grew up, mum enrolled her in Italian cooking classes to teach her professional cooking of the most delicious Italian dishes. She didn`t stop only on the material provided at the courses, she was so curious that she started her own research. Later on Victoria continued her passion with self-education of Italian language, it wasn`t perfect, but now she can have a basic conversation with a foreigner and understands Italian songs. She is planning to visit this country too. She is dreaming to find a man from Italy to be a perfect wife, spoiling him with culinary delights of his own cuisine.

As you can see there are many factors that influence a decision to find a foreign man, either it is a family background, previous experience in relationship, desire to learn new things, language and build international relationship. All women want to be happy. They want to be good wives and have good husbands, and it does not matter where it will be, in home country or somewhere in another part of the world. A girl from Ukraine is family-oriented and ready for marriage.