Being a part of a matchmaking agency team, I have heard this question more than once. How can I answer it? Well, probably it goes from our (Ukrainian women’s) childhood. All children like fairytales. And the main string in our Ukrainian fairytales is that there is always a beautiful girl, who has some troubles like an angry stepmother, a spell that turns the girl into a frog, a witch or a dragon that keeps the girl in its tower. The only way to get over these problems is for a handsome prince to come and save her. In the end of every fairytale like this, we usually read, “They got married and lived happily ever after”. This is when we subconsciously start thinking that we must get married.

However, we also believe that here is a number of other reasons why Ukrainian women want to get married. We have asked our clients and here is what they have told us:

Olga: I want to get married because I dream of creating a family like mine. I want to have a loving husband and children. I want us to trust each other. I really want to watch my children grow up and make their own families.  

Nataliya: Well, in my opinion, Ukrainian women want to get married because they fear to stay alone. Just imagine: you have reached thirty, you have had your education, reached the highest step in your career, but have no one beside. Many of your peers have families and you have not a very big choice of men around you. So, it is wise to cling to your boyfriend and get married with him.

Elena: My answer to your question will be very simple. I am a bit tired of my parents always saying me “When we will see our grandchildren? We really want to cuddle them and play with them.” That is why I do want to get married because my parents what to have grandchildren.

Tamara: My religion and education are the two reasons why I want to get married. However, nowadays it is very difficult to find a decent man who has the same views on life.

Juliya: I am 27 and all my friends are married. Some of them have even divorced and got married again. How can I not want to get married? Their life is absolutely exciting. They have a lot of news, things to do. They have a man and children to take care of… I can’t find my ONE to become his wife and live happily together.

Svetlana: I do want to get married because I want to be beside a man who I love and who loves me. Moreover, being together will ease the financial life. Nowadays it is quite expensive to pay for everything if you are alone, but if I have a husband who will also earn good money, we will definitely have a good life.

Alena: Why do Ukrainian women want to get married? It is not a secret! They want a celebration of their lifetime! A luxurious wedding with a white limousine, the best wedding dress, the most amazing wedding ceremony with marvelous photos and video and, of course, a honeymoon on some tropical island.

Oksana: Oh, I cannot wait to get married because I am dreaming of becoming a mother. I want to have a baby, but I cannot let my baby grow without a father. That is why, my top goal is to find HIM, get pregnant and give a birth to a child.

Valentina: I have had two long-lasting relationships in my life. However, they have finished because I did not get the status of a wife. Why is it so important? It seems to me that being a wife and a husband lays more responsibility on a man and a woman and makes them treat each other more carefully and tender. Moreover, in such a case, when I get married to a man, I feel sure that he is mine and will not leave me in a minute.

Marina: I do not know why other Ukrainian women want to get married, as for me I can say that I just want to get married. I have no special reason to tell about. I think it is just what I am here for. I want to be married to a man and that is it.

Really… the last answer we have provided proves the most important thing: most of Ukrainian women do want to get married and most of them are interested in creating a family with a man they love. They are ready to bring happiness to him, take care of him, give birth to children and “live happily ever after”.