Why do Ukrainian women want to get married?

Is marrying a Ukrainian woman a good idea? Do young brides of Ukraine really want to create a family? Can you meet Ukrainian singles interested in marriage? Well, it goes without saying there are ladies all over the world who are ready to tie the knot, while the others enjoy being single and building their career.

Being a part of a matchmaking agency team, we have heard these questions a million times. Needless to say, all children adore fairytales. Kids in Ukraine are not exceptions. Plots of typical fairy tales, which are popular in Ukraine, are related to a beauty in need. The only way to overcome obstacles she faces is a knight in shining armor, who comes to save her. After that they have a fabulous wedding and live happily ever after. Probably, in childhood girls subconsciously start thinking about building a family.

However, we’ve decided to ask some of our female clients and we’re ready to share the results of our survey.

Elena. To tell the truth, it’s rather difficult to find a decent partner with similar values. However, marriage is a life-long commitment. There’s a lot of fascinating things about being married. I’d love to have a partner in crime to balance each other out.

Tamara. What I’d like to say is that my parents’ family is an example, which deserves to be mentioned. I’d like to have children, to bring up our kids together with my loving husband. Besides, trust seems significant for me personally as well as mutual respect.

Marina. When a man and woman get married, the “two become one.” My first instinct was to say something sentimental like, “I’d like to get to hang out with my best friend every day.” But then my mind went to, “I’d like to enjoy having someone to cook for, and with.”

Angelina. I believe, in Ukraine ladies tend to become the most dedicated wives. The best thing about being married is that you can be your true self no matter what. A happy partnership means respect and encouragement to always be who you really are. No masks, no pretense. Marriage is about acceptance, understanding and help.

Julia. I guess my answer would be obvious. In Ukraine every woman thinks about building a long-lasting relationship, most of them are ready for marriage. I’m pretty convinced if you are given a chance to share your life with your beloved one, you’ll be the happiest person in the world.

Why do some Ukrainians want to find their significant other abroad? Most of them are confident it’s a real adventure. Besides, it seems romantic. Either they have an example of a friend or they just believe in love without boundaries. Brave, well-educated and adventurous ladies seek a partner abroad. They often travel a lot and speak a foreign language. They think outside the box.