Why do Ukrainian women want to get married?

Why do women want marriage? Regardless of nationality, there are females that want to tie the knot, some just enjoy singlehood and have other priorities in life. Women that want to get married strive for high sense of security, stability, love acknowledgment and sharing the same values.

Being a part of a matchmaking agency team, I have heard this question more than once. How can I answer it? Well, probably it goes from our (Ukrainian women’s) childhood. All children like fairytales. And the main string in our Ukrainian fairytales is that there is always a beautiful girl, who has some troubles like an angry stepmother, a spell that turns the girl into a frog, a witch or a dragon that keeps the girl in its tower. The only way to get over these problems is for a handsome prince to come and save her. In the end of every fairytale like this, we usually read, “They got married and lived happily ever after”. This is when we subconsciously start thinking that we must get married.

However, we also believe that here is a number of other reasons why Ukrainian women want to get married. We have asked our clients and here is what they have told us:

Olga: It is my dream to create a family like mine. I would like to have a loving husband and children. I want us to trust each other. I really wish to watch my children grow up and make their own families.

Elena: My answer to your question is very simple. It is the biggest treasure to share the life with the person you mutually love and respect.

Tamara: My religion and education are the two reasons why I want to get married. However, nowadays it is very difficult to find a decent man who has the same views on life.

Juliya: I am 27 and all my friends are married. Some of them have even divorced and got married again. Their life is absolutely exciting. They have a lot of news, things to do. They have a man and children to take care of… I would like to find the ONE too to become his wife and live happily together.

Alena: Girls want a celebration of their lifetime! A luxurious wedding with a white limousine, the best wedding dress, the most amazing wedding ceremony with marvelous photos and video and, of course, a honeymoon on some tropical island.

Oksana: Oh, I cannot wait to get married because I am dreaming of becoming a mother. I would like to have a baby, but I cannot let my baby grow without a father. So, my top goal is to find HIM and give a birth to a child.

Valentina: I have had two long-lasting relationships in my life. However, they have finished because I did not get the status of a wife. Why is it so important? It seems to me that being a wife and a husband lays more responsibility on them and makes them treat each other more carefully and tender. Moreover, in such a case, when I get married to a man, I feel sure that he is mine and will not leave me in a minute.

Marina: I do not know why other Ukrainian women would like to get married, as for me I can say that I just want to be married. I have no special reason to tell about. I think it is just what I am here for.

By marrying a woman from Ukraine you will get a reliable friend, companion, lover, wife and mother. She is well-educated, so you can establish intellectual compatibility. She is sensitive and vulnerable, knows how to balance family life and career. She is not afraid to open up and is ready to listen to you as well. She is very feminine, follows fashion and always looks immaculate.

International relationship means being with someone from another culture, which is pretty exciting. To be honest, it is a challenge, but quite a promising one. During this long journey you get to know not only a different person, but also a different culture. International marriage is becoming more popular nowadays. If let`s say thirty years ago it was a rare occasion and you would hear quite few stories from friends. Now it is quite widespread. People expand their horizons and look for their soulmates outside of their country.

Is any girl ready to move to another country with her husband? It is far from the truth. Not everyone is ready to leave everything behind and move. The majority would rather meet a gentleman from the same place of birth with the same values, speaking the same languages. It is a great myth that all females from Ukraine dream about meeting a foreigner. I know plenty of girls who have never considered international relationships because of many reasons. First is the language barrier, not everyone speaks English, the idea of moving to a foreign country frightens them, because they have never travelled abroad. One of my friends Natasha got married young with a local man and has already two kids by the age of 28. She is really happy, she thinks that the same background is very important for a family. She has never been abroad and is scared of flying. She likes her motherland with all its drawbacks, really adores its nature and history, so even if she knew a foreign language, she wouldn`t move somewhere to a different part of the world.

Why do Ukrainian girls try to marry abroad then? Some of them find an idea of finding a significant one very romantic and do believe in success of such relationships. Either they have an example of a friend or they just believe in it, being adventurous. Brave, well-educated and adventurous ladies seek a partner abroad. They travel a lot and speak a foreign language, sometimes even two or three. While exploring the world, they find features of a particular nationality attractive. They are open to changes and ready to move to another country. They think outside the box. One of my friends went to the USA via a program “Work&Travel” for 3 months and she was absolutely impressed with its country and culture. She felt like a fish to water. She fitted in perfectly in that society, she liked freedom and up-to-date world. So when she came back home, she definitely knew her place for living is not her home country and she started to search for her soulmate abroad via matchmaking service.

One more of my acquaintance addressed a matchmaking agency to find her significant one outside of Ukraine. She was studying in Germany for a year and got used to their lifestyle, which is different from ours. She speaks English and German, so it is not crucially important which nationality her husband is going to be. She was dating a guy from Hungary while being in Germany. So she would consider international dating with serious intentions.