Why does a girl who gave me her number doesn’t respond to me anymore?

There can be a lot of reasons why she stopped responding to you and I will share with you several possible scenarios, maybe you will recognize your situation:

  1. You “blew her phone up”. You probably felt so excited to have her number that you decided to bombard a lady with hundreds of texts in the morning, lunchtime and evening. It is nice to keep in touch via texts, but do not overdo it. If you simply report each step, what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the photos attached, she would definitely stop responding to you. I have had such experience in my life when I stopped responding to a guy simply because he was literally suffocating me with his constant messages. We met randomly in the park.

    Usually I don`t talk to strangers in the streets, but on that day I was walking by myself and talking on the phone with my friend on Viber. A handsome gentleman near the coffee shop gave me a compliment on my genuine smile when I finished talking and introduced himself. Then he asked if I had any free time by any chance and maybe could join him for a stroll in the park. I excused myself, actually I didn`t really want to go out with a person I don`t know. But he was very polite and insisted on buying a cup of coffee for me. So we had a small chat, he seemed very intelligent and entertaining.

    In half an hour I had to go and he asked for my phone number. I hesitated but I gave him my number. I wish I knew he would be too persistent, I would have never given it. As soon as I left, in 5 minutes he texted me thanking for nice time and amazing walk. He was sending emoticons of flowers and happy faces for the whole day, which made me irritated, because it was too much. I just replied thank you to him.

    In the evening he asked me what my plans were for the weekend. I replied that I was busy. The next morning he found me on social media and sent a friend request, I didn`t accept. He texted again in Viber wishing me a good morning. I decided not to reply to him, he still sent me several messages in a couple of days and then I blocked him.

  2. Your texts are too boring. You keep on asking the same boring questions: “Hi, how are you? How was your day?” Do not be boring! Keep it playful and interesting. By maintaining a teasing vibe you will make a conversation playful and light-hearted. One of the gentleman I know kept on sending his “date” screenshots of scientific articles on harmful effects of Coca-Cola on a human body and ways of healthy diets, asking her opinion about it. Do you think it is going to be an interesting topic for texting? I doubt it! It might be even insulting as if you hint that she is fat and maybe needs to go on a diet. Ask her about the last movie she watched or the dish she cooked. Tease and compliment on her cooking skills. Create common jokes, it is going to establish emotional connection.
  3. Texting at the wrong time of the day. If you are from different time zones, it might be hard to find appropriate time when both of you are free. But it is possible. To start with, install international time on your phone, so that you know when her sleeping and working time is. I used to have a male friend, who used to send me texts at night according to my time zone and every time he apologized for that. After receiving the text at 4 am for the fifth time I just blocked him.
  4. Awful spelling and grammar (it happens too). Do not abbreviate too much. If you do not have enough time, text later rather than sending a “crossword” to a lady (something like lst nite was grt, thx). It is not nice at all, it is a huge turn off. She might think that you had never graduated from high school or you are just not interested in her at all, because you cannot devote time even for a message. If you keep on sending such texts, she may just not respond you.
  5. If everything above mentioned is not about you and your conversation with a lady has been amazing and reciprocal, then you have to give a lady a call. Maybe something happened to her, maybe there were some unforeseen circumstances.

    I will share a story of my female friend. She got acquainted with an amazing guy, whom she met on a dating website. They went on a date, it was interesting, fun and there was mutual attraction. They couldn`t stop texting each other straight after the date and were already planning to meet again. So they set a date in two days. He texted her the next morning and didn`t receive any response. He waited patiently, but there was no luck. He tried to call, but the phone was off.

    He started to worry, maybe something happened. After a long search he found her on social media, it was not easy though, because her profile picture in Facebook was from a far distance and it was not that easy to recognize. The gentleman texted anyway and asked if it was her. She was so happy that he found her, because her phone was stolen and she couldn`t reach him anyhow. She bought a new one, but his phone number was not there and the dating app had been deleted since she went on a date with him. Since then they haven`t been apart.

I hope you will find my tips useful and it will help you to understand why she doesn’t respond to you!