Everything started shining around you… You see her beautiful face on the avatar, send her virtual flowers and presents, and she sends you a big kissing smiley face. It seems to be true love (Internet love). Do you think it is possible?

Let me tell you that I do not believe in online dating and virtual love. Why? At least because I am a real person just like you, we live in a real world and virtual space is only the means of communication, which helps you to talk to any person anywhere in the world. That is why, I truly believe that the feelings you may have for your Internet love-partner will be absolutely real and not virtual. Is it good or bad? Is it the main reason why online dating so often fails? Let us take a closer look at this issue.

When you decide to find a better half on the internet, you start with looking through lots of profiles and begin communication with the candidate whose photos and profile description you liked. I consider it to be the beginning of your online-dating period. How does it usually go? Just like in real life: you assign the date and the time, when you both can be online (which is quite inconvenient, for example if you live in different time zones). Still you or your lady are ready to sacrifice your sleep. You chat for hours. You joke, write pleasant or not very nice things to each other. She takes an offence, or you dislike something that she has written. You argue… make things up. But…don’t you think there is something missing? Are your emotions real or still virtual? Is it still something that is going on in the Internet?

At one moment you catch yourself thinking that your mind comes back to your online girlfriend too often. You are waiting for her messages and, if she isn’t online at “your” time, you start worrying that she does not want to communicate anymore, or, what is worse, has found someone else. Your virtual relationship has stopped being something immaterial. You cannot continue without seeing HER in reality, without having a chance to kiss her, hug and give a hand, in case she needs it. And this is where everything starts.

If the girl you like so much agrees to meet you, it often turns out that the person you meet in reality differs from the one you have been dating online. In this case you both will have to put a lot of efforts to transform your virtual relationship and your perception of each other into real life, which is very difficult and not every couple can do this.   

Still, everything is not that bad. If you have no time to have dates because of your work, if you cannot find your ONE nearby, we definitely advise you to use the powerful machine called the Internet at least to make the first step to the happiness. You are the only one who decides whether you want to find yourself a friend, a colleague or a lover in the cyber space. You are also the only one who must understand if you want this relationship to continue in reality. That is why, we offer not to have illusions about online-dating and if you feel this is the woman you really like, find the way to meet her in real life.  

So if you ask me: “Are there happy meetings in the internet?” My answer will be “Yes, there are.” “Are there disappointments after internet affairs” “Yes, there are.” “Are there happy meetings in real life?” The answer will be the same – “Yes, there are.” “Are there disappointments after real-life meetings and living together?” Guess what my answer will be. What am I trying to say with this? Do not be afraid to try something you have never tried before to find your better half. Still remember, that you must be happy here, in reality and online-dating is just the first step to real life relationship.