Very often our clients ask us questions like “Why don’t girls like me?”, “Why don’t girls notice me?”, “Why can’t I start relationship?”, etc. If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, we advise you to read our article and look at yourself from the outside. Maybe you need to change a bit and you will find your one.

The first reason she doesn’t like you is that you are too gentle.

Of course it is not bad to be sensitive, kind, tactful, thoughtful and obedient. However, girls, especially younger ones, think that men must not have these qualities. They want to see a real Alpha, decisive, daring, a bad boy, who wants to dominate.

The second reason she doesn’t like you is that you are reserved.

There is nothing worse than a date with a man, who cannot string a sentence together, and every time a girl asks something he starts the answer with “Erm…” as if he is afraid to be punished for saying a wrong thing. Girls do not like that firstly because going on a date with a man they want to be entertained not entertainers; and secondly being with a man, who is not talking to a woman, is quite an unpleasant experience for a girl’s self-esteem. She may understand in her head that everything is OK with her and she is not the problem, still, somewhere deep inside, she will doubt; she will think that you do not want to talk to her because you do not like her.

The third reason she doesn’t like you is that you are rude.

You are insolent, impertinent, pull the girl’s leg, and try to belittle her whenever you can. Who told you that girls like such behavior? They definitely don’t. Maybe some of them first think that it is fun and you behave so to show your strength, however as time passes, they understand it is because you are a weak personality.

The fourth reason she doesn’t like you is that you criticize.

Your ability to add rotten apples to anything (She is pretty. Then she must be stupid. You have had a pay rise? The prices have also risen!) might be good for life, since the less you expect, the less disappointed you will be. However, the people, who surround you, will think you are a pessimist and girls do not want negative beside them.

The fifth reason she doesn’t like you is that you complain.

Nobody likes whiners. And the girl will not want to listen to your complaining that the weather is bad, the neighbors are too noisy, your boss is a real nerd, the film you watched yesterday was the waste of your time, etc. If you expect that the girl will feel sympathy with you, and try to persuade that life is not so bad, you are mistaken. She is likely to find someone, who takes this imperfect world not so painfully.

The sixth reason she doesn’t like you is that you are passive.

If your life credo is “wait and it will come to you”, do not expect the girl to be “it” and come to you. Women still want a man to come and win their hearts like it was many years ago. So, if you want to get yourself a girlfriend, you’d better take action.

The seventh reason she doesn’t like you is that you are boring.

What interesting things are there in your life apart from job, computer and TV? Can you talk about anything excitedly for more than 15 minutes? How often do people, who communicate with you, say “Wow. That’s great! How interesting!” Girls are attracted to the one, who knows, can do, has seen more than they. Therefore, if they do not see such a man in you, try to change something.

The eighth reason she doesn’t like you is that you do not like yourself.

If you think that you are miserable, do you believe that the girl will look at you in a different way? She is more likely to look at the man who is narcissistic, despite the fact that she will not play the leading role. Love yourself and the rest of the world will love you too.

The last reason she doesn’t like you is that you are too self-confident and think that everyone owes you something.

The government has to give you good medical treatment for free, your friends have to meet you at the airport, and every girl has to give you her phone number immediately after you only look at her. The first reason why such men are not in girls’ favor is that they are bores and egoists, who keep talking about their needs and are always dissatisfied with something. The second reason is that they themselves have nothing to give. And relationship is not possible without giving.

If you have found any of these qualities in yourself, it is never late to change. So, do not get disappointed, smile, say good-bye to a man, who you used to be and greet the new man, ready to face his destiny.