We are often asked how we have managed to get such a big choice of beautiful Ukrainian girls as the clients of our matchmaking agency. No matter what I could write about that, it would not compare to the answers of Ukrainian girls, who have decided to join Diolli.com. So, here is what we have managed to find out.

Kate. A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to marry a man from abroad. I knew that the best way to find my future husband was to address a trusted matchmaking agency. I asked my friends and one of them told me that she had heard about Paradise Date, which is one of the best matchmaking agencies in the city. I came to the office, talked to the manager and understood that I was in the right hands. And, as you know, Paradise Date is a Ukrainian version of Diolli.com for Ukrainian girls and I am happy to be a part of the family.

Marina. Several years ago I was offered to join an online dating site. I was promised to get a good husband from abroad. Time was going by, but no man appeared. I was told that there were a couple of foreign gentlemen, who wanted to meet me, but we did not meet anyway. So I gave up the search. Three days after that I was searching the Internet for something and a video popped up on my screen. It was telling about a tea party at the office of a very trusted matchmaking agency. The girls were wearing pink, they were discussing something passionately and I decided to check on my own what it was like and whether there was another chance for me. I am so glad I came. I have been with Paradise Date by Diolli for some time and I have already had several dates with quite decent gentlemen. I have not found my destiny so far, but I am sure that soon I will do it thanks to the professional team, who are always ready to support and offer me the best.

Olga. A friend of mine, who is actually married happily now, asked me to help her find a trusted matchmaking agency. She had broken up with her boyfriend and did not want to stay in Ukraine any more. She wanted to move somewhere to forget what had happened and never to see her ex. Being a good friend, I asked people, I googled, read success stories told by people and found out that Diolli.com was the most trusted matchmaking agency  recommended by many people. So I sent my friend there. You know what? In half a year she got married and moved to the USA. Looking at her happiness and having some problems in my personal life I decided not to waste my time and address Diolli. That is how I got here and do not regret anything.

Elena. Frankly speaking, I had learned about Diolli.com and Paradise Date much earlier than I decided to become their client. I once watched a video by diolli.com about what kind of men Ukrainian girls wanted to meet. It seemed interesting to me. I searched for more videos and found out that there were lots of useful tips both for men and women. So, once watching another video by Alesia, the psychologist from Paradise Date, I caught myself thinking that I wanted to find myself a husband abroad and I knew who to address.

Alina. I have never thought I would ask a matchmaker for help. But it happened so, that once a friend of mine asked me to join her at the women festival «Kablook» organized by Diolli and Paradise Date. This is where I learned that such organizations existed. I talked to the managers, talked to other girls, who were at the festival and understood that Diolli was a trusted matchmaking agency. I came home, searched for more information and found out that in Kharkov Diolli was the best of its kind. So, here I am.

As you can see,  the ways of how Ukrainian girls got to Diolli.com are different, however the reason why they are here is the same: they have chosen the most trusted matchmaking agency  for themselves and I am happy to be a part of it too.