Have you decided to use matchmaking service in Ukraine? Then you will probably have to go through numerous offers from different matchmaking agencies. Which one to choose? Definitely Diolli.com. Do you want to know why?

Then read our article and find out why Diolli is a trustworthy matchmaking agency for you

  1. The first thing to mention is that unlike most representatives of matchmaking service in Ukraine, Diolli does not use mail-order brides sites. Any personal information that all the clients, both men and ladies, provide is kept in our private database. It is not possible to find it on any other site. By doing so, we manage to protect both ourselves and our clients from scammers and provide high-quality service.
  2. Secondly, as we have written in our articles about how to choose the right matchmaking agency, it is very important for the company you address to have an office, where you can come. Definitely, Diolli has a good office, which is always ready to receive any client. When you come to us, you will have a chance to see how the “Cupids” work with your own eyes.
  3. The third and very important thing is that being an honest representative of matchmaking service in Ukraine, Diolli will never take you as their client without offering to sign a contract, in which you will see all the details of your cooperation like what the agency is obliged to provide you with, what you have to pay for and what is free. Frankly speaking, no matchmaking agency will be very cheap, but it is the right thing to make sure that both the client and the service provider are protected by the law.
  4. The fourth thing to be mentioned about Diolli is that whenever you decide to become our client, we will want to communicate with you personally. Every client will be consulted by our professional psychologist, who will ask them about their preferences to make sure that we can find the decent match for them. What is more, when the clients start communication, they can always count on the help from a professional relationship coach, interpreter, if necessary, psychological support and any assistance required from the “Cupids”.
  5. Diolli can be considered a trustworthy matchmaking agency because it is licensed by the Matchmaking Institute in New York and acknowledged by the professional matchmaking industry. All the acknowledgements and certificates could be found on our site Diolli.com and, undoubtedly, in our office.
  6. Although it is a usual thing for the companies providing matchmaking service in Ukraine to organize online dates, Diolli does not support this practice. We organize only real-life dates and introductions. That is because we think it is more efficient than texting, sending letters or chatting online to each other for months and guessing if the person you are communicating with is really the one, who you see in the profile photo.
  7. Another distinctive feature of Diolli, which lets us stand out of other representatives of matchmaking service in Ukraine, is that we develop ourselves in different directions and have several personal brands.

Diolli Group brands are:

Diolli.com, which is a premium matchmaking brand for gentlemen, providing professional matchmaking service, coaching programs and premium dating events for young adults.

Paradisedate.com.ua  – a marriage agency in Ukraine for ladies, operating since 2008. With the help of this brand we find ladies, who are interested in getting married with foreign men, and who make up our client base for Diolli too.

To support our clients, both male and female, we provide them with numerous videos and articles, covering the main FAQs about relationship, the agency’s work and the matchmaking service in Ukraine in general on our YouTube channel.

It is also already a tradition for our agency to organize an offline educational event for ladies Kablooks.com. During it girls can learn from speakers, who cover a wide range of issues, starting with relationship and flirt and finishing with fashion, time management, etc.

Finally, not so long ago, we have decided to help the matchmaking service in Ukraine develop and started our brand called Cupidonduty.com. It contains various relationship and dating advice for ladies and gentlemen, as well as tips for our colleague Cupids, who would like to learn something or share experience.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask any questions. We will be glad to answer them.