Why pay per letter sites won’t work in 2020?

Having occupied a bigger part of everyone’s life, Internet claims to be our best friend and helper creating a lot of new opportunities to make modern life more convenient. We shop online, communicate with people miles away from us, we have even started dating and establishing love relationship in cyberspace. However, the question is: will the services offered by free dating sites work in the future?

Frankly speaking, I have doubts about it. Why? I will gladly explain my point of view.

Before joining Diolli.com, I used to work as a translator for one of find-your-true-love-for-free websites, so I am well informed about how such a service works, which is why, by the way, I refused to continue my cooperation with the “company”.

To begin with, I cannot help mentioning the fact that makes pay per letter sites so attractive:

    • they are almost free, every user has to pay a small amount of money to send a letter or a postcard, which is known as “love note” to a girl whose profile he liked;
    • they are accessible whenever and wherever you want;
    • they create an illusion of endless choice as site-users are offered thousands of clients “seeking for their true love”.

However, being uncontrollable a free dating site is dangerous. It is a favorite place of scammers and even criminals, as well as mentally ill people as nobody checks the database. The motto is: “the more clients, the more money”.


A website offering to find relationship for free is full of masks and nicknames. Anyone can be hiding behind a made-up name and fake, photoshop processed photos. It is not possible to identify the person, who is registered on such a dating site. If a man thinks that he is communicating with a long-legged and blue-eyed blonde aged 25, he will be surprised to find out that his cyber-lover is a different woman, or, even better, a man, whose main aim is to trick the online-boyfriend.

The percentage of Internet-created couples which get married is really low. People who start their affair on a free dating site rarely have strong and harmonious relationship, let alone create a family. Frankly speaking, it is highly unlikely that you will meet your life partner there.

The main aim of men or women, who use a non-chargeable dating website, is mainly virtual communication without any responsibilities. Very often internet dating does not lead to real-life meeting. Of course, I cannot state that it is 100% true, but having my own profile, which I had created to understand how the system works (another proof that I-dating is not always about searching for love), I did not have any man, who wrote to me seriously. What they wanted was more of my photos with fewer clothes… There was not even a hint on meeting someone in reality. I was not disappointed, though as in fact, I had received what I had been seeking for.

Frankly speaking, translating for other clients, I often was the girl, who was “busy”, “tired after work”, “had no money to call or Internet to connect” when the man wanted to talk in person…

What is more, communicating through a free dating site it is very difficult to define whether a man and a woman will be a good match in real life even if the profile description shows that this person is your perfect choice as you have the same views on life and interests.

Finally, using free online dating services, love-seekers spend years in search of their better half as there is nobody to help them and give a good piece of advice.

The last reason why I believe that pay per letter sites won’t work in 2020 and in any other year is that a person is a living being which needs to hug, hold hands, cuddle and kiss a real person beside them. Unfortunately, Internet communication with the help of love-for-free websites only makes an illusion that it is possible to find your ONE faster!

Funnily, despite and at the same time thanks to the fact that we all have faced a very big challenge of COVID-19, having to stay at home, wearing masks, following the social distancing rules and, actually, using the Internet for communication, dating, studying, working, meeting friends and doing all the usual things online, all of us are looking forward to going offline, back to real life. With the view to such situation, no free dating site will stand a chance in the fight against reality.