Sex is one of the most important things in relationship. Sex makes us more connected to each other and helps to create closeness. In a long lasting relationship we might have a period of sex life where things go not so smooth as it used to be. There can be plenty of reasons from both sides. It`s better not to make any hasty conclusions but have an honest conversation instead.

Let`s discuss some of the reasons why she doesn`t want to have sex

  1. You have a different sex drive. That`s can be frustrated especially if you are just perfect in everything else but sex. Actually you can do nothing about it because it`s how your bodies work. If you need sex twice per day and your lady is okay with two times per week it is a real problem. But still, try to compromise if you really value your relationship and your second half.  
  2. There is something going on in her life. Are you aware of her life where you are not included? Do you know about her job and the project she is responsible of? Did she tell you about a big argue with her best friend? Do you know that it`s not a good day because she broke a nail and a black cat crossed her way today? All these factors can influence on your sex life. She doesn`t want to have sex because something is bothering her. Try to find the problem out and solve it or at least discuss it and calm your lady down. Maybe after she will change her mind about evening plans.
  3. She doesn`t want to have sex because it is her period. You can say that it`s not a problem for you but the lady might think in a different way. For some women it`s a very hard and painful time of month. Sometimes it`s difficult to move, what to say about sex entertainment. Be patient and wait for three more days.
  4. Rule of three dates. If you just start dating with a lady and after some time she still doesn`t want to have sex with you, even you see that she turns on by you, there might be a rule of three dates or five dates while she is not going to sleep with you. Usually these rules are imposed by society. Well, it will be easier to wait than try to change her mind.
  5. Indian food wasn`t good for her . We are all human beings and it happens that sometimes we don`t feel sexual way because of some factors. For example, she can have a heavy stomach after dinner at Indian restaurant or a banal headache.

The best way to figure out why she doesn`t want to have sex with you is to discuss it with her. Try to understand her reasons and find the solutions of the problem together. People who are madly in love can handle everything.

Make your lady feel comfortable, keep repeating how beautiful she is and how much you love her and she won`t be able to reject you without a serious reason on it.

Love & make love to each other!