Men, who start looking for their wife and soulmate in Ukraine, know what they are looking for in ladies here. But for Ukrainian tender natural beauty, petite dimensions, it is also character that matters very much. Usually people, who are looking for serious relationship, who want to marry, to have a decent partner to grow old with, and who take this search seriously, they want the same from their partners. Having worked in the matchmaking sphere since 2008, we have collected for you the most common things the men, who dared to marry Ukrainian women, like about their partners.

  1. It is common knowledge that the majority of women in Ukraine is family oriented and is ready to sacrifice many things, (sometimes including their career), to have a good family and happy husband. And they will wait you to be the head of the family; will give the opportunity to feel a real man. You have high chances to develop your natural manly virtues. Of course, you can meet independent and strong women in Ukraine, but the majority doesn’t mind to be fragile and weak and will never try to have superiority over a man. But still she has her opinion on things and waits a man to take it into account.
  2. It follows that they are very caring and sensual. Even if she decided not to leave up the job and not to sit at home, she will feel the need and responsibility for your well-being and stomach.
  3. Yes, family orientation of women here doesn’t mean they will not aspire to studying and developing her mind skills, it is very widespread here that a woman should get a degree, even if she doesn’t plan to use it in future.
  4. They don’t mouth empty words, especially when it comes to “love” words. Few chances that a Ukrainian lady will tell you “I love you” too soon or appreciate your telling it too early! For the majority, love is like a delicious fruit that should get ripe, no matter how much time it can take. So they will tell the words of feelings only when they mean it. And you will understand that it makes these words priceless. By the way, don’t say it if you don’t mean it too, she will feel insincerity straight away.
  5. If your relationships move to serious love stage and she understands she loves you, you will get your number one fan. Ukrainian women are open to new experiences and are ready to share your hobbies and interests. Hockey? Football? She will support your favorite team with you. Skiing? She will learn skiing to do it with you.
  6. Generally women here pay much more attention to make up than women in the West, even if they don’t have a lot of money, though they don’t use it to paint a new face over their own, but prefer to highlight their natural beauty and to look neat. And yes, half of women like to wear high heels because they know men like it. The same is with dresses, skirts and intriguing blouses.
  7. She will let you make her happy. What is better than knowing someone needs you and waits for you very much?   

Love and relationship are very delicate things and it is always a choice of one’s heart. You can meet your love either just around the corner or in the other part of the world. But if you want a true life partner, sincere, funny, wise and intelligent, leave your doubts behind and pay special attention to a Ukrainian lady. How to win her heart or what difficulties you can encounter while dating a Ukrainian lady, you can read in our previous posts.