Why shouldn’t you visit Ukraine?

People who travel have their reasons why they strive to open the horizons and discover new cultures, lifestyles, and atmosphere. New region shows its own character and tells its own story, open for the people, who are ready to hear it… A tourist comes to explore the country because of historic heritage, national cuisine or people who live there, or even your soulmate. And travel advisory may give you plenty of reasons to visit Ukraine, may invite you to this beautiful country with the most beautiful ladies. Are there any ifs and reasons not to visit Ukraine? After reading this article you can decide for yourself.

One of the drawbacks you may encounter is a chance to put on some weight. Relatively cheap, but tasty and nutritious food in restaurants of national cuisine may appear to be very appealing. People, who live here, learnt how to cope with it, but an untrained person easily gets caught into this delicious trap and comes back home with some kilograms of memories. Many foreigners like visiting authentic restaurants with national cuisine. You haven’t visited Ukraine if you haven`t tried borsch. It is a must. It is served with salo and garlic buns. You cannot resist this divine smell of a freshly made borsch with all the herbs and sour cream in it. So be ready for a gastronomic tour. You might get overwhelmed and get “addicted” to a delicious food.

Travelling to Ukraine will become too interesting and you will have to get another holiday to see what you haven’t managed to. Don’t start with Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kyiv and UNESKO-protected sites. These interesting places in Ukraine are too beautiful not fall in love with them crazily and thus can make you too interested in what more you can discover.

It is too cheap to be true. In 2015 Kiev as a travel destination is considered to be one of the cheapest among the European capitals, including an average price on lodging, drinks, food, tickets to the main tourist attractions, taxi and public transport. But the impressions and services you get are truthfully priceless.
Don’t visit Ukraine, if you are not interested in culture and art. There are always many worth-visiting events for every taste. Contemporary art galleries host exhibitions of national and international artists; performances are put on the stages of various theatres. What is more, many various festivals (musical, wine, food, cinema etc.) take place all year round. Especially you may visit many festivals, connected with music, history or ethnic culture (folklore).

Ukrainian people are too reserved and seem gloomy. But it just seems from the first sight. So you should not visit this country, if you are not ready to reveal the warm amicability of these people. The more person can be (or seem) moody or disagreeable, the better friend he can appear to be. Once you give time to a person to understand who you are and get acquainted, then he will let you into his space and will greet you with open arms. They need time to open up, but when they finally feel they can trust you, believe me, you won`t find a more amusing, fun and a very happy person around.

And finally… The last reason not to visit Ukraine – you may leave your heart here. It is well-known fact, that Ukrainian women are unique in their way – beautiful appearance, intelligent, good character and sense of humor. They have the cult of love and try to be the best friend for their partner. You take a risk to leave the country with the heart left there … or with your soulmate!

Apart from these inconsiderable reasons, speaking seriously, Ukraine has its own peculiarities as a tourist destination, and it is all not only about food, culture, people in general or beautiful women. This country offers the variety of activities, sightseeing, business opportunities and experiences to get.

Sometimes I hear such question from foreigners as “Is Ukraine safe for tourists? “. If I rate how safe Ukraine is for travelers on the scale from 0 to 10, I would give it 9. We cannot give 100% to anything as there is always a chance of something, which can go wrong. But generally speaking it is absolutely safe, you won`t encounter any natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, floods or tsunami. It is absolutely safe to walk along the streets and do everything normal people do in their daily routine. The streets are monitored by the police. But if you don`t feel comfortable walking down some streets late at night at unknown and not very crowded places, then do not push yourself. There is a variety of kinds of transport you can travel by: bus, tram, trolleybus, taxi or subway. The tickets fee is very cheap in comparison with prices in Europe. Your ticket from one city to another, which lasts 13 hours will cost only 8$. Isn`t it amazing?

You can pay with a card almost everywhere, if you need cash, there are plenty of ATMs, which are very reliable. The exchange rate of dollar is pretty high. But all restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, stations and airports are equipped with terminals, where you can use your card to pay for things.

Is it safe to travel in Ukraine during pandemic time? Can I travel to Ukraine now? It has open borders for foreigners. There are no restrictions. You don`t have to get visa to visit our country, you will be needed a negative test as everywhere around the world. You have to wear a mask in all public places, but still you can visit places of interest, cinemas and other venues. You won`t notice much difference except wearing a mask all the time.

Thousands of people, who visit this country and then want to come back, prove it. So Welcome to Ukraine:)