Why Women Really Want to Get Married

Ukranian ladies are very family-oriented. If there is a girl in the family, everyone wishes her a good partner, because it`s the most important thing. Happy marriage, happy woman. Even though women nowadays tend to work hard, doing their best to build a successful career, making a family remains a priority.

What is so magical in marriage? A beautiful wedding, gorgeous dress of a bride, waterfalls of champagne and a day from a fairytale? Far more than that of course. What are the reasons of getting married then?

All women in the world dream about finding a faithful spouse, who will love them and they can love him in return, a man who can take responsibility every day. We will come back from work and surprise with delicious dinner, we love showing care in small things like ironing his shirts, wishing him a good day at work, waiting for him to come home in a cosy atmosphere.

One of the important reasons is to become a mother. She must be protected, generally males are stronger by nature, we subconsciously have this idea. We look for a father of kids as well. We will pay attention to the material part, even though we have a stable income and can afford to buy things, we are considering a guy to be financially independent.

What does a women really want? Subconsciously, getting married means commitment. It proves the bonds which were built between two hearts and shows him being ready to be officially committed. It means a lot to our female representatives, we appreciate him to be able to make such important decisions.

The world is getting progressive and there is no need in a man as just financial support. The reason to marry someone is equal to finding a soulmate, a partner and a friend to share the life with, creating a strong family. A single girl can be happy as well, but full potential reveals in marriage.

Ukranian ladies are open-minded, ready to learn new culture, which is challenging, but interesting. Tendency shows that many couples get used to dating here in Ukraine without signs of making it official and often females are the ones who want to get married, because if a man loves he needs to take actions. That`s why it`s becoming popular to search for a husband abroad as foreign men are more ready to commit.

The least but not last every lady dreams about a wedding, each girl from childhood has in image of a beautiful white dress and a walk along the aisle, it`s a very touching moment which we dream about.

Once I have heard a phrase before you get married to someone, marry yourself first which means acceptance and being happy on your own.

We are living in the modern world and everyone chooses his path. Each country and traditions are different. Some want to get married young, some don`t rush into it. If I want to get married, it doesn`t necessarily mean that my female neighbor, colleague or friend shares the same views on life. Maybe she wants to get married or maybe not anymore. We are all different and cannot generalize everyone. But at some stage, when you really feel this is the right time, which means not just a remedy of not being alone, boredom or just entertainment. It`s a serious step for both sides.