Why You Should Date Shy Girls

Jewelry is a whole science!
Beauty is a formidable weapon!
Modesty is sheer elegance!

A lady may look gorgeous, spend lots of money and time to look after herself, and attract gentlemen. However, none of these can prevent a gentleman from choosing one of the quiet girls.

The issue to be discussed in this article is: why do men like shy women as well as how to attract the one you fancy. Interested? Then read on to find out.

The first reason for dating a shy girl is shyness and an absence of arrogance. Gentlemen don’t appreciate ladies with too much self-esteem who pose like a queen. Guys are attracted more by sincere young ladies, without pride, the ones, who don’t pretend to be someone important. Even having a plain appearance, they are very popular with men.

Why do men like quiet shy women? Because of their modesty. Moderately modest girls attract men, they want to impress and win their heart. But too modest ones scare guys away; they simply have no chance to see their true selves. A self-righteous woman wearing a short skirt, ready to date a guy is also attractive, but not for a serious relationship such as marriage. She would be more suitable for intimate relationships or short love affairs. (though it is quite controversial)

Do guys like shy girls because they have a great sense of humor? The answer is positive. The young lady, who jokes and laughs at the boyfriend’s joke is the one to fight for. Even a beauty queen, who does not understand the boyfriend’s jokes and stays poker-faced, will make him bored and lonely. While being next to a simple, plain “funny honey” is what really makes a good relationship work.

How to have a relationship with a shy girl? It is very easy. That is because of intelligence. An intelligent lady is able to win over a man by giving advice, helping in a difficult situation, and just being interesting to talk to. Guys seem to be strong on the outside and do not show when they need help, but in fact, they also want advice, which is not a silly but beautiful woman’s strong point, so this is why men prefer “smarties”.

The only problem with all these advantages is the shyness itself and many guys might not just find the way how to attract and how to date a shy girl.

Well, I am happy to give you some advice.


Choose a neutral topic – most likely, the lady could get scared if you are too persistent. Introduce yourself if this is your first moment chatting. Say you have noticed she was doing something interesting, which was stunning or thought you could give a hand if necessary…


This will make it easier to keep the conversation going and motivate the lass to open up and feel comfortable with you. Ask anything: from how she has spent the day so far, to what kind of music she usually listens to, what cafes she prefers to go to. What you inquire about should depend on the topic of the conversation. For more detailed answers, it is best to start questions with “how” or “why”.


Find out what she enjoys. From favorite movies and hobbies to sports… During the conversation, you need to ask the questions so that she talks about herself, and also tell about your interests and hobbies. Think about what you have in common and talk about it. Understand she might be timid at first and respond with short phrases. However, if you are persistent and give the lass enough time, she is most likely to get used to you and become interested in communication.


Don’t hurry! Patience is the key thing when flirting with a timid woman. She has to feel comfortable with you. Be friendly, ask questions, share information about yourself with each other, show you are interested. At first, she might only say hello to you, but gradually you will communicate more.

Be persistent but do not haste things. Wait a bit and the object of your attention will show her feelings. If she’s holding on to it, don’t give up too quickly. However, if she makes it clear she is not interested in you, respect it and don’t push.


Find several reasons to be beside (for example, if you know she goes to the gym in the morning, go there on the same days to talk a little with her, or at least just say hello. You need to be constantly present in her life.

Be careful not to overdo it when visiting the places where she is. You just need to try to become friends, pick a few places where you can be together (several hours a week) to get closer.

Generally, I do believe if you find your ONE, it won’t matter whether she is modest or not, you will find a way to win your destiny’s heart and become happy.

Good luck!

Valeriia Matskevich With Love.