Why you shouldn’t trust speed dating events in Ukraine?

Living in today’s fast-moving world, both men and women face the problem of finding their better half. The reason is always as follows: the lack of time. Usually, we set the aims, reaching which is time-consuming, meaning that we have to miss out on something, which is usually personal life. That is why a lot of people are the prisoners of loneliness. To help them escape from their imprisonment a lot of companies offer to visit various speed dating tours in Ukraine. What are these?

Speed dating events in Ukraine are a new way of getting acquainted with single ladies, which will let men meet quite many representatives of the opposite sex during one evening. It is, actually very good, as you do not have to spend any time to make the girl want to talk to you. Moreover, you will have a chance not only to look for your ONE, but also talk to interesting people, learn new things as well as share your life experience and get positive emotions.

Having read everything written above, you might ask yourself why the headline of the article supposes that you cannot trust these events. It is because apart from the advantages this seemingly harmless process has some downsides, which we want to discuss in this article to make you aware of what you might have to deal with.

Why you shouldn’t trust these events in Ukraine?

The first thing about any Ukrainian romance tours like these is, in fact, speed. In our mighty Ukrainian language there is even a saying: one needs speed only trying to catch fleas. As for me, it is absolutely impossible to have more than one date during the evening. If you want to find your true love, you must not hurry. You are just beginning to want to know the person opposite you better, and here the «bell rings» and you must change a partner.

It is not for people, who are serious about finding their better half. Although I am quite a romantic woman and believe in love at first sight, I am sure that visiting one of the speed dating events in Ukraine will not bring you closer to your aim. However, there might be exceptions and I know several couples, who have found each other using this service. Very interesting, but none of them had intentions to meet their beloved. Some were just interested in how the whole process works, others came to support their friends.

My female friend saw a quite attractive advertisement of such event in our city, which had an eye-catching picture of a lovely couple who was extremely happy with two glasses of champagne, having a bubbly conversation. This advertisement you may find in social media like Instagram, Facebook with a place and time of the event. Under the picture below you may find comments of happy couples who advise to join it and finally find your love. It is a local event between people of the same nationality, Ukrainian. I didn`t feel like going, so I refused my friend`s invitation. She was really upset, but I gave her my reasons why I didn`t want to participate. For me it seems like more an entertainment than something serious, it takes me five minutes to look around and realize that there is no one who I can be attracted to, so what should I do in this case? Just leave the place? I don`t quite believe in effectiveness, but I might be wrong. You never know until you try.

Nowadays Ukrainian dating culture is very diverse, you have so many platforms to choose from: loads of marriage agencies, websites, social media, dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, etc; matchmaking service, bride tours also popular in Ukraine. If you have serious intentions and would like to use reliable sources, which are going to bring results in a relatively short period of time, then I would suggest you to try matchmaking service. It is becoming popular in our country and it is an effective way of finding your soulmate. Females who become clients of matchmaking agencies are selected by single status, willingness of serious relationship, absence of boyfriends. Usually women who turn to matchmaking agencies are very independent, frequently successful in their careers, open-minded, have been abroad at least once or are willing to travel, they know a foreign language or in the process of learning. They are very good looking, some of them have some experience in life, maybe they were married before or “fresh-starters”, who haven`t found their significant one in Ukraine, but have never been married.

Finally, I want to stress that the message of this article is by no means intended to discourage you from attending such parties. My idea was to show you why you should not trust such events. On the other hand, I truly believe that if you are destined to find your ONE there, nothing will prevent it. So, you are the boss and you decide whether you want to try it or not. Good luck anyway.