Living in today’s fast-moving world, both men and women face the problem of finding their better half. The reason is always as follows: the lack of time. Usually, we set the aims, reaching which is time-consuming, meaning that we have to miss out on something, which is usually personal life. That is why a lot of people are the prisoners of loneliness. To help them escape from their imprisonment a lot of companies offer to visit various speed dating events in Ukraine. What are these?

Speed dating events in Ukraine are a new way of getting acquainted with women, which will let men meet quite many representatives of the opposite sex during one evening. That is, actually very good, as you do not have to spend any time to make the girl want to talk to you. Moreover, you will have a chance not only to look for your ONE, but also talk to interesting people, learn new things as well as share your life experience and get positive emotions.

Having read everything that is written above, you might ask yourself why the headline of the article supposes that you cannot trust speed dating events in Ukraine. That is, my friend, because apart from the advantages this seemingly harmless process has some downsides, which we want to discuss in this article to make you aware of what you might have to deal with.

Why you shouldn’t trust speed dating events in Ukraine?

The first thing about any speed dating events in Ukraine is, in fact, speed. In our mighty Ukrainian language there is even a saying: one needs speed only trying to catch fleas. As for me, it is absolutely impossible to have more than one date during the evening. If you want to find your true love, you must not hurry. You are  just beginning to want to know the person opposite you better, and here the «bell rings» and you must change your dating partner.

The next thing about speed dating in Ukraine I cannot help mentioning is that you can never be sure what kind of person you will meet. It could be a good woman, or it could be a professional scammer, whose main aim is to trick money out of you. Very often you will have to listen to boring stories and these minutes of communication will seem to be years! You are very unlikely to enjoy your date. And going on a date is usually quite a pleasant activity, which brings people good emotions because they are communicating with a person, who they find attractive and interesting.

The last thing I want to mention is that speed dating is not for people, who are serious about finding their better half. Although I am quite a romantic woman and believe in love at first sight, I am sure that visiting one of the speed dating events in Ukraine will not bring you closer to your aim. However, there might be exceptions and I know several couples, who have found each other on a speed dating evening. Very interesting, but none of them was going there to find their beloved. Some were just interested in finding out how the whole process works, others came to support their friends.

Finally, I want to stress that the message of this article is by no means intended to discourage you from using speed dating parties. My idea was to show you why you should not trust speed dating events in Ukraine. On the other hand, I truly believe that if you are destined to find your ONE there, nothing will prevent it. So, you are the boss and you decide whether you want to try this type of dating or not. Good luck anyway.