8 Behaviors Women Show When They’re With Their True Love

True love doesn`t happen overnight, it takes time before a girl is going to confess in feelings towards you. Falling in love is an amazing thing that can happen to you, especially when it is a mutual feeling. How to know if a girl loves you?

  1. Eyes of a woman in love are the true source, a mirror to the soul. They shine with a magic sparkle like a magnet. It is one of the most obvious signs that a woman is in love with you.
  2. When women are in love, they show interest in your life, they are eager to get to know you better every single day, your hobbies, interests and passions. She asks you how is your day, what you have for lunch, shares the details from her life as well without hiding anything from you.
  3. She tries to impress you, either it is a new hairstyle, a new dress, always looks good. She experiments in cooking, even if she is not a great cook, she will do her best.
  4. These are the signs she loves you deeply: she pays attention to what you say and feel, she is there to support, gives an advice and shares good and equally.
  5. You constantly receive signs of affection from a woman. She doesn`t miss a chance to kiss and hug you more often. She needs to feel your touch always, either it is just holding hands or hugging tightly. She cuddles with you while sleeping, kisses you before going to work, sends a message or calls during the day just to hear your voice. Affection is vital for couples.
  6. Giving presents is important in relationship. Apart from birthdays and holidays, she surprises you with small gifts too, either it is a cup of coffee with a heart, a delicious dessert or just a new T-shirt. It is important when she thinks about you. I know a couple, they always do something pleasant, she can leave a love note on a piece of paper before she leaves the house to work “My sweetheart, kiss you on both cheeks”, “Already miss you cute pie, see you soon”.
  7. She is not afraid to give a call first or start a conversation via any messenger just to ask how are you. If at the beginning of dating girls are shy to make the first step, when they have feelings, they need to hear your voice and ask how things are while you are separated during the day.
  8. Does she love me? Ladies are emotional and sensitive, you will definitely feel it. If she introduced you to parents, it is a serious step and she definitely has feelings. She proudly presents to parents and best friends. She respects you and take your opinion into consideration.
  9. When a girl says I love you, it means she trusts you and she opened a heart to you. Be careful with it in order not to break it. Loving heart is a fragile thing, can be shattered by hurtful words. Maybe it was broken before, but she took courage to believe again.
  10. She is ready to compromise when necessary in order to have happiness and balance in relationship.
  11. She is not afraid to show true self, she can afford to act childish sometimes, have fun, doesn`t hide real mood, if there are any troubles, she shares. She does not build walls and is not afraid of speaking about insecurities.
  12. One of the most important factors is that she includes you in future plans, she sees both of you on a summer vacation in six months and in five years or more. No one can predict the future, but still making a plan together is important for healthy relationship.
  13. Your success is her success too, she is thrilled to hear about your promotion or getting a new job. You are the first one who receives good or bad news, she shares them with you.

These are the signs of true love from a woman, which help you to recognize true feelings.

In relationship, there are always two people involved, both should contribute equally, it is not an easy path, it doesn’t appear all of a sudden, it comes in time and actions. Make a lady happy and she will give you much more.

  1. Acknowledge little things she does for you, during dinner or breakfast together, tell how amazing she is, that you like the way she cooks and that you are grateful to have such a gorgeous lady in your life.
  2. Don`t overuse “I love you” and don`t say it out of habit, there are hundreds of other ways to show your feelings even without words.
  3. Listen. Female as well as male need to be heard and understood.
  4. She needs to feel you intimately and give you the same in return. Give compliments on appearance, so that she can feel sexy with a man she loves.
  5. Do not separate household chores, leaving everything on her. Help out from time to time, let her relax from cooking if she does it every day, eat out, have a romantic dinner together.
  6. Know where to move to the next step of your relationship, a man is the one who needs to be decisive and if you know that it is a person you want to share your life with and she thinks the same, make a proposal in a romantic way. It is an unforgettable moment, which every girl is waiting for.
  7. Practice your bedroom skills, if you think you have tried everything possible, there is always a room for something new and exciting. Do not stop to impress and experiment together. Study her erogenous zone and learn how to please.
  8. Do not hide secrets, it is good to be transparent, it is the way to build trustworthy relationship, which lasts long.
  9. Take responsibility for your actions, if you promise something, make sure you do it without any excuses.