The first date is a very important event both for men and for women. It could be compared with a business interview: you have been chosen as a potential candidate out of thousands of others, but you have not been given a job yet. That is when we start being nervous.

Of course, the main fear, which both men and women have, is that they will not make an impression on the person they are going to date. The best advice here is to think about your appearance first, as this is what will either attract the girl and help you show what kind of person you are inside, or tell her that you are not the one she would like to date and you will have to look for another candidate for your love romance.

Let us imagine that you have managed to be attractive enough to get the girl’s interest in you. You are great, but the next step is to choose how to behave not to become the worst of her dating fears. Interested? Then read, what types of men ladies will unlikely want to have the second date with.

Dating fear #1. He is a Mama’s boy.

Although women appreciate the fact that a man gets on really well with his mother because it is thought that he will have the same attitude to us later, but… talking to his mama three times on the phone during the date, discussing all her cats and what they have eaten during the day is probably too much.

Believe me, not all women will appreciate your warm relationship with your mother, since most of them want to be the only woman in your life.  

Dating fear #2. He is too aggressive.

The waiter has brought you the worst dish you and your girl have ever tried in your life. You want to show that you are ready to stand for your rights and throw the waiter out of the window, shout, ask to call you the chef, thinking that she will melt with excitement, but… you turn round and see that she has literally melted and vanished.

Yes, girls like men, who can stand for themselves, but not many like real aggression. Most of women will think that your inability to control yourself can hurt them one day too. They will definitely not want to build relationship with such a brute, who can turn into a tyrant and spoil their life because of a salad, which will be not tasty enough to please him.  

Dating fear #3. He is a miser.

We do not wait that you will go on a spending spree, but… the first date is a chance for you to impress a girl, so take it and show that you are generous and are ready to please your lady. Believe me, in a month she will be the one, who will ask you not to waste money on sudden presents and flowers. But now, at your first date, let her order whatever she wants on the menu, buy a huge bouquet of flowers without any reason, not waiting for some gratitude in response.

Dating fear #4. He is indecisive.

Do you think that asking the girl what she wants to do and where to go during the first date shows her that you are not setting limits on her choice and you look noble? In such a case, you are not right. It is better to make a mistake choosing where to go, than make the girl think that you cannot make decisions yourself.

Dating fear #5. He is a narcissist.

It is not necessary to ask her to lend you her lip-gloss. It will be enough to stay at the mirror a bit longer than your girl, ask her to make a selfie or do not let her touch your hair because you have just had it done. Your being so self-centered will make women think that you are not interested in real emotions, and you will not make a safe partner, who they want to see beside.

Dating fear #6. He is a Dreamy.

He has just come back from the Philippines, is going to the Caribbean in 5 days, and wants the girl to go with him. He has had a boxing training and unintentionally knocked one of Klichko brothers out… Seriously? Of course, women love with their ears, and a little lies could be useful for us; we could spend a couple of minutes imagining us having the time of our life in the Carribean with you. But please, do not overdo with your fantasies. By constantly telling tales, a Dreamy will not get a woman’s trust, which she hopes to find in her partner.

Dating fear #7. He is a drinker.

Are you sure that it was great fun to juggle with cheese and howl a karaoke song at the first date? You have just decided that a little of alcohol will let you relieve stress?

It is not forbidden to have a glass or two of wine at the first date, however, getting ragingly drunk and telling the woman that you are sober, that you can drink even more, etc. will not add you any points.

Dating fear #8. He is a jealous man.

Asking the girl something like “Who is constantly calling you?”, “Why is that guy over there smiling at you?” and adding “Now I will never let you go!” you think you show the girl how much you like her. Are you sure?

I will not deny that we, women, like when you, men, are a little jealous and want to control us a bit, but if it happens 50 minutes after we started getting to know each other, we will unlikely want to continue dating you.

Dating fear #9. He is a liar.

“Hi, Bill! I cannot talk right now. I am having a business meeting!” Men, who can lie at ease, make an impression of professional liars and a woman starts thinking that she will soon take Bill’s place. Therefore, if during the first date the girl will see that you can lie, she will not trust you later, which will not let you build relationship with her.

Dating fear #10. He is a whipping boy.

Mumbling about bad weather for a couple of minutes is OK, but if you go on to tell about what a jerk your boss is, complain that the music is too loud, how people could dare to constantly take your parking place, etc. you are very likely to be sent off. Women want strong men beside them. Moreover, your constant complaints not only make you nervous and lower your self-esteem, but have the same influence on your mistress too. Do you think she will like it?

Now that you have faced the biggest women’s dating fears, you must do whatever it takes not to become one of them.