So many times I`ve noticed that people who are in the relationships look very similar. I don`t know if they subconsciously look for the person who reminds them the better version of themselves or they are getting look like their partner because of so much time spending together. Is it really important to have something in common?  

To have at least one thing in common is important for making yourself interested in a person and for having a theme for conversation. But don`t you think that it would be even more fun to create your own common things together? For example, you can attend tennis lessons together even if none of us has ever played it before or do morning running in the park. There are so many things that two of you can enjoy.   

What is not necessarily have in common:

  • Hobbies

Having different hobbies is not a problem. It`s a challenge. Look at this  as the opportunity to try or learn something new. Isn`t interesting to visit a woman football match or cooking lesson share her interests in hiking or yoga? You can have so much fun together and you will have the opportunity to look at your second half from new side and see how good your partner is in her hobby.

  • Food

Food can be a problem if your partner loves to eat the exotic food, like dogs or different kind of insects, for example. In other case it couldn`t be a problem. You can choose the restaurants where two or more types of food are served. You know, your taste preferences can change with time.     

  • Travelling

I don`t know a person who doesn`t like to visit a new country or spend a holiday on a paradise island. But if you meet a woman who says she isn`t really into travelling at least ask her to travel with you once and try to convince her how great and funny it can be to explore a new city or country together.     

  • Movies

Come on guys, if two people are madly in love with each other it won`t be a problem to suffer for two hours and keep a company to watch a movie you don`t really like.

  • Appearance

Believe me if you feel chemistry and deep connection with a person, her height and hair color won`t be so important anymore.       

What is important to have in common:  

  • Future plans

You dream about a big family, bunch of kids and a big cozy house but your partner has been thinking about career, promotion and a new project. If nobody is going to change their priorities in life there will be no happy future together unfortunately.     

  • Lifestyle

If she prefers to stay home during the weekends, eat junk food and watch boring series when you wake up early morning, go for a run, eat healthy food and visit galleries and museums within your free time. It can be a problem.  

You are allergic to her cat. That is a funny example but it can be a real problem. She will be forced to make a serious decision and choose between you and her cat.

  • Sense of humor is what you must have in common

If you are not able to make her laugh it is not a good sign. She should understand your jokes as well as she should know how to make you smile.

Life is so unpredictable and you never know who you are going to fall in love with. Don`t be so strict in your preferences and be open to people and to what the universe has prepared for you. Give it a chance 😉

Have you ever heard that the opposites attract more often than the same kind of people?