Very often nowadays we can see love couples consisting of a people with some age gap. Usually, a man is older than his beloved. Less often, a couple in which a woman is older than her better half can also be seen. Why is it so?

Is it really better to have a young lover, or is there any sense in having a girlfriend, who is your age?

Let us look at this issue closer.

The first question, which comes to my mind, is why a man would seek for someone younger than he is? Maybe because he thinks that with a younger woman he will get different emotions? Speaking of a large age gap (about 5 or more years), he definitely will.

Just imagine: you and your lover are people from different generations. You like one type of music, while she likes another one. Your favorite pastime is watching movies on TV, while your younger lover adores roller skating or playing video games. A perfect evening for you is staying at home, or going to the countryside, and your young lover is keen on partying. Does not this all prove that your life will be much more interesting, than living with a woman who is your age and, very likely has the same views on life and interests?

On the other hand, some people believe that age gap in relationship is unacceptable exactly because of the above mentioned differences as the couple are likely to have a lot of conflicts. Other say that you will surely feel something like a breath of fresh air, which will diversify your routine. A younger lover is unlikely to burden you with problems at work, since she may not have one yet. Moreover, a younger girl will hardly ever tell you that she has to delay your date because her child is ill and she has to look after them.

Another thing that makes a younger lover more attractive is that a young body does not have to get as much care as an older one and it looks much better than the body of an older woman.

Finally, in couples with a big age gap a girl usually sees a man as the leader

She understands that he is smarter, wiser and is always interesting to listen to. She will not object or argue with her older lover. But…

If you are still reading this article, you have asked yourself more than once: is it not possible that a woman of my age is beautiful? Will she really moan, telling about her problems at work, bore me with the same old songs and movies? If you have asked yourself these questions, I cannot be happier, as this is what I am trying to tell you; there is no difference who to date. The age gap between love partners means nothing.

Of course, people, who lack fun in their life, may want to find someone jolly, the girl, who is ready to party all night long. But, with the same result you can look around and see a girl of your age, who is as funny as Jennifer Aniston and you will never get bored with her.

What is more, dating a woman the same age as you are, you are unlikely to be misunderstood or do not understand your lover. An older girl is also smarter and she already knows what to say and how to behave. So, when you decide to introduce her to your friends, you will not have to worry whether they will like the way she speaks, how she is dressed or the color of her hair. And, of course, she will be even more beautiful than many younger girls, as she knows exactly how to look after herself and what to do to look amazing.  

The only drawback, which I can think of, is that it will be more difficult to surprise a woman, who is the same age as you are, however, having spent some time, you will undoubtedly find the way to do it.  

Finally, I want to stress the fact that love does not care about the age gap. What really matters is whether you feel comfortable with each other or not. The main and most important thing is to love, understand and trust each other to be a happy couple.