Relationships always include some problems, sooner or later. In the beginning of relationships very often you are not able to see the situation clearly and adequately assess your partner because of the deep feelings and hormones playing. But with time you will start to deal with the relationship problems anyway. Let`s observe the most common relationship problems that might appear after honeymoon phase.

Relationship problem #1 Loss of sexual tension. It`s okay to feel recession of sexual attraction to your partner time to time. It`s not possible to feel the chemistry to your beloved one every single day, 24/7. It depends on so many factors like the weather, mood wings, work issues or an argument with friends. But if most of the time you feel resentment to your partner instead of attraction it`s going be the real problem.      

Relationship problem #2 Financial problems. Money is always a problem. Too much money means that you spend a lot of time at work and not enough time with your best half, what isn`t good. Not enough money means dissatisfaction and the reason for arguments. Would be perfect to strike the right balance.      

Relationship problem #3 Jealousy. People like to feel free and independent. Nobody likes when somebody especially the beloved partner tries to limit your time, opportunities or circle of friends. When you feel jealous, you will show your insecurity and self-doubt. Believe me, ladies don`t like mentally weak men.  

Relationship problem #4 Different views on life. It is the reason of so many breakups. It`s not possible to build a family together when you are dreaming how you will take children to school but your lady dreams to travel the world and live in Ashram of India. That`s why you should discuss the future plans in the beginning of relationship. Of course, you should do it only if you are serious about the lady and can imagine the future together with her.          

Relationship problem #5 Bored with each other. When you are totally different persons who have different personalities, different sense of humor and different interests you will be bored with each other. Why to torture each other? Find someone you will enjoy life and have fun with.    

Relationship problem #6 Misunderstanding. When you speak different languages and don`t hear each other it will be a problem. Notice please, I am talking about the situation when you speak the same language but still don`t understand each other.

Relationship problem #7 Different biorhythms. It`s a problem when you are a morning person and would like to meet sunrises with your beloved woman but she used to wake up closer to afternoons. And vice versa, when she wants to spend time with you in the evenings you are going to bed usually. It`s not a big problem and if you are really interested in each other you might find a compromise.      

Relationship problem #8 Non-acceptance by parents and friends. That`s pity when your close people don`t support your choice and don`t welcome your lady. Sometimes people change their minds and maybe with time your parents and friends will see all the good characteristics of your girlfriend which you see and value in her.   

Relationship problem #9 Different interests. It is very important to share at least one hobby with each other. For example you can play tennis every Wednesday. In that case you will spend some time together for sure and it will be one of the topics to discuss. We spend so much time apart because of the busy schedules and totally forget to spend the quality time with our beloved people.     

Relationship problem #10 Different backgrounds. When you are from different worlds, have different level of education and rotate in different societies, it would be a challenge to get along together. But love is so unpredictable. When you have deep feelings to a lady you will turn a blind eye on many things.   

Problems appear time to time but the true love will conquers everything.