Speed dating event is another interesting way to meet your best half. The purpose of such events is to match singles with large numbers of potential partners in a very short period of time. But just want to remind you that “Haste makes waste”.

There are 10 disadvantages of speed dating events

  1. Limited time to charm a lady. Usually you have about 7 minutes or less to impress a potential date. You sit down at the lady`s table and start communicating. You don`t have much time to know the person as well as introduce yourself. In most cases, it goes formal and unnatural. It`s not easy to open up, build a romantic dialogue and start flirting in such a short period of time.     
  2. Competitors. You are in one room with your competitors what make the situation a little bit uncomfortable. It might make you feel less confident than you usually are.
  3. Intentions are unclear. Speed dating event is the way to forget about the previous relationship for some of participants instead of to find a soul mate. Not every participant has an intention to meet a partner for serious relationship.  
  4. Not a romantic way to meet the love of your life. That`s true. It will be not a mesmerizing story about your first meeting for friends and family. Some couples are ashamed to tell that they have met on a speed dating event and try to hide this fact.     
  5. No guarantee you will meet someone. It depends on your luck. Nobody guarantees that you will feel mutual connection with someone on a speed dating event. There is the main difference between matchmaking process and speed dating. During the matchmaking process, you meet only ladies who are interested in you.   
  6. Uncertainty. There is no guarantee that a lady who attends a speed dating event is not married or doesn`t pretend someone else.
  7. Disappointment. Some companies of speed dating events give you the opportunity to choose the ladies from their client bases but nobody can guarantee you that these ladies will appear on the event. It is like you go on a blind date.
  8. Age difference. It happened that 27y.o. man was frustrated when found out that there were only ladies around 40th on a speed dating event. By the way, he crossed the ocean to attend this international speed dating event.     
  9. Many choices are not always good. You waste a lot of energy on communicating with lots of women (even if she is not your cup of tea) instead of concentrate on your potential match. It diminishes the value of the contacts. You start comparing women instead of looking at the individual and become confused about who you like.  
  10. The result. At the end you won`t remember all the participants and might mix up the information you have got about them because of communicating with many people in one time.

Attending speed dating events is a good experience where you can improve your communicating skills but not sure that it`s an effective way to find your best half.