When you are crazy in love you want to spend time only with your lady. You don`t notice what is going on around you. You have to make the stories up for your friends to explain why you can`t meet them for so long. You want to stay in your perfect full of love world as long as possible. How to diversify the quality time with your second half ? There are 10 fun activities for couples.

  • Jogging. Of course, this is an activity for couples who are into sport and healthy lifestyle. But even if you are not an active person, just make an effort to join your sweetheart for a morning or an evening running and maybe you will love it and even find it your thing. Running like meditation can help you to empty your mind and keep you in shape at the same time. Running with your second half can be fun and playful. You can take different roads with breathtaking views or try to run away from each other.
  • Skiing. Winter is a perfect time for snow activities to keep yourselves warm. Winter is fun period of time with vary of winter activities like snowboarding, skating, skiing or sledging. If you are not a fan of winter sport activities you can simply play snowballs or enjoy mulled wine on the top of mountain together with the love of your life. Just imagine you and your lady near the fireplace cuddling and dreaming about a happy future together.     
  • Visiting Aquapark. There are so many things to do so it`s better to take a day off for this kind of activity for couple. You can have so much fun at water attractions, warm up in the sauna, luxuriate in jacuzzi, relax and getting tan on the deck chairs or simply share an air mattress with your beloved one and swim in the pool.      
  • Camping. It`s a good opportunity for a couple to know each other better and see how your partner will act out of the comfort zone. This is so romantic activity for couple. You can cook dinner on fire and after just stargazing in total silence. It is so romantic to spend a night together in a tent.  
  • Attending a salsa lesson. Moving your bodies in the rhythm of incendiary music is a very intimate activity for couple. I suggest you to have one drink before the lesson, forget all your problems and give yourself up music.
  • Playing board games. It is a kind of mental activity for couple what is good to do time to time. You can play for one`s will to increase interest or invite friends to join you.
  • Visiting SPA. Nowadays there are plenty of SPA procedures for couples. Most of SPA packages include treatments that couples can enjoy side by side, so a massage can be a truly bonding experience.  
  • Rent bikes. Don`t sit at home when the sun is shining outside, rent bikes, take a basket with food and have a picnic in the middle of your bike ride.
  • Attend a festival. Do you know the words from a famous song “Forever young” so stay forever young and go crazy on a music festival somewhere in the Netherlands for example.   
  • Cooking together. It`s a “delicious activity” for couples. Try to do everything together. The goal is just to have a good time and make something delicious together.  

Do whatever makes you both happy!