Impress your lady, surprise her, spoil her. Ladies love it. Be extraordinary in arranging a date for your beloved woman. There are several amazing date ideas to help you to win the heart of your special one.

Date idea #1 Romantic dinner on the roof. The perfect time for this type of date is summer, when it`s warm outside and it will be possible to arrange the date in the evening to enjoy the sunset and then oversee how lights in the windows of houses appear. It`s so romantic, isn`t it? You can hire an event agency that will help you to set on the table with romantic dinner on the roof, decorate the place with the balloons and flowers, will arrange even life music if you need. I`ll open you a little secret: every woman dreams about date like this.    

Date idea #2 Horse riding. If you are afraid of occurred moment of silence on a date, take horses with you. It was a joke of course but the idea of walking with horses is always a good solution. It`s unusual, romantic and cute. Horses are extremely beautiful and smart animals. You will have the opportunity to feed them, have a walk with them in a breathtaking landscape or even ride them if you are good in it. Usually ladies get more sensitive next to animals and it will help you to open her personality more and if you are lucky you will be able to see her inner world.         

Date idea#3 Amusement park. The place where you and your lady can have fun, behave as children, laugh, share emotions and candy-floss. Would be good to take a ride on the scariest attraction together where you will have a good reason to hold her hand, where she can feel your support and see your masculinity. Every woman dreams to feel next to her a strong man shoulder. Amusement park is the place where the possibility to feel butterflies in a stomach and fall in love is very high.   

Date idea #4 Sport activity. Activities are good for the second date, where you can cooperate and play in one team. Activities can make you closer to each other. For example, you can try some of extreme kind of sports together to get adrenaline in your blood and unforgettable memories as well. It can be skydive or bungee jumping. If you are afraid of these extremal activities will be better to choose something different like surf lesson or simply play ping pong together.     

Date idea #5 Private cinema hall. Cinema and dinner is a primitive scheme for first dates you can say, but it won`t be if the cinema hall is private and reserved only for you and your sweetheart. You can choose your favorite movie, you can order drinks and food as well, nestle down in comfortable chairs and have quality time only two of you. It can be a perfect place for the first kiss.

There are just several date ideas what I hope will help you to arrange something unusual creative and unforgettable for your special lady.