Rest for your body and soul

In the first part of our article we have told you about the places in the Carpathian Mountains where you can have an active holiday. This part is devoted to the ones, which can help you relax and just enjoy the Carpathian winter.

5. Beregovo thermal springs in the Transcarpathian region.

The first thing we advise you to do is bathe in hot thermal springs in the open air. Similar springs can be found only in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Iceland and New Zealand.

Beregovo is a Transcarpathian town, which is famous for its thermal springs with highly-mineralized silicon-nitrogen-carbon-chlorine-sodium water all around Ukraine. The temperature of  the water in them is +36 °С all year round.

Being in hot mineral water does good to your skin and the whole organism.  It is also recommended to use water for treating different diseases of nervous system, locomotive system, cardiovascular and hypertonic diseases. Healing properties of this water have been proved by many researches and the result is seen after several bathings, but because of the specificity of this water it is allowed to stay not more than two hours per day in it.

In addition to healing procedures, you can also visit the “Russian Bath” and “Finnish sauna” with separate swimming pools filled with cold mineral water, have a massage and enjoy wonderful coffee in numerous cafes.

6. Wellness and recreational center “Thermal waters” Kosino.

This complex with the baths of European level is situated in the middle of the oak grove in the Carpathian MountainsThe structure of water in Kosino is less mineralized, nonetheless it also has healing properties.

There are 5 swimming pools at the territory of the complex: 1 big, 2 twin-pools with thermal water of 41°С, a swimming pool with fresh water and one swimming pool for children. All the swimming pools are surrounded with comfortable paths, deck chairs, swings, and equipped with fountains, underwater geysers and railing. While visiting Kosino “Thermal waters” do not forget to taste exotic cocktails in the aqua bar, relax in a cozy restroom, enjoy a relaxing massage, visit herbal and eucalyptus saunas, the Roman bath, the Turkish bath and the ice cave.  

The next four places we will tell you about are the ones, which will offer you to drink highly mineralized healing water and improve your health while you will be having rest in the Carpathian Mountains.

7. Morshyn is the first place where you can try the Carpathian mineral water. It is a quiet town where you can walk around a mountain lake breathing the fresh air and enjoying the peace and quiet far from the noisy megalopolis, admire the scenery and go on a tour around the Transcarpathian region. While being in Morshyn go to mineral water springs situated under the monuments to Mother of God and the Savior.  Thanks to the mineral water’s unique properties, your metabolism will stabilize and the condition of your skin will improve.

8. The next place in the Carpathian Mountains you must go to is Svaliava – the town of Dracula, witches and magic water. Apart from man-made monuments and attractive architecture in Svaliava you will see what mother nature has created: the Obava Stone (a fancy-shaped rock) and the Blue Lake (not just beautiful, but healing too). They say that Dracula’s great-great-grandfather was born not far from Svaliava in village Dragovo. And it is also believed that a ruler who drank human’s blood lived on top of the mountain Stoy. So, if you like mysteries, go to Svaliava which is also called the last witches’ shelter. That is because when the “witch hunt” in Europe began, many of the witches escaped and settled down not far from Svaliava. The people who lived there did not mind their presence and the witches were so moved by this that they gave the locals their magic water sources of mineral water.

9. The next place famous for its healing mineral water springs is called Truskavets. However, not only this attracts people. In Truskavets you will have a chance to breathe the fresh air and admire the Carpathian Mountains scenery, which will help you renew your emotional balance, and calmness, that has run low during the year. You will also see the Kyiv Rus outposts, the portrait of Oleksa Dovbush carved in a rock, feel the presence of history in Tustan fortress, which was built in VIII century. And, of course, do not forget to drink Ukrainian healing mineral water “Borzhomi” with a light flavor of oil.

10. Skhodnitsa is the place where, apart from drinking mineral water and becoming healthier, you will have a chance to see the unique “Carpathian Dragon”. This resort is situated 600 meters above the sea level and has existed for 40 years. The waters of Skhodnitsa will help you solve problems with metabolism, clear your organism of toxins, have a good effect on your kidneys, liver and stomach.

While walking and admiring the views of primeval mountains, you can visit the “Tusan” sanctuary, where you will see a rock unusual for Ukrainian Carpathians, which is called “the Carpathian Dragon” because of its look. You will also learn a lot of legends about the fortress town covered with mystery. And in the very Skhodnitsa you will have a chance to sledge from the numerous village hills.  

As you can see, the Ukrainian Carpathians are a welcoming place, which can satisfy any needs. So, if you do not know where to spend your winter holiday, do not hesitate and come to the Carpathian Mountains.