It`s not the easiest task to seduce women I can say. Women are different and it`s important to find individual approach to each of them. Unfortunately, there is no instruction that will work for every woman. Below you will find general steps that you might be already aware of but still I want to refresh it in your head.     

  • Dress up nicely. I think you will agree with me that the first impression on people usually make our outfit. When you just look at person it`s impossible to see that she/he is a super smart one or that she/he has a good personality and a big heart full of love. You can`t impress and seduce a woman you don`t know yet with your best features but you can caught her eye with your perfect outfit. I don`t tell you to buy an Armani costume and Prada tie but fresh and clean shirt is always required.
  • Use Perfume. You might know the fact that some fragrances can drive women crazy. There`s nothing wrong with smelling like a working man but when it`s time to seduce a woman it will be better to be prepared. The right perfume can do all the job for you. According to one fashion magazine research, Versace Eros was picked as the most delicious smelling perfume, it`s just for your information.
  • Eye contact. Good and quite long eye contact will show her that you are interested and sexually attracted to her. If you want to seduce a woman look at her with admiration, look at her like she is the one. You can get all the answers in her eyes.
  • Give her attention. Men`s attention is a drug for women. But you should know how to doze it right. If you give her too much attention she will lose her interest to you. If you pay not enough attention she will think you are not so into her. It is a dilemma, isn`t it? The perfect game to seduce a woman is when you give her attention and when you feel she is getting used to it then you take it away from her. If she understands she misses it she will choose you. Try it, usually it works.       
  • Listen. It`s an orgasm for women ears when man repeats the details from the story she told you some time ago. It means you were listening to her. Listening and remembering what the lady tells you will help you to seduce her in the right moment.  
  • Say compliments. Don`t be greedy for compliments, don`t ignore her looks. Believe me, she put a lot of efforts to look beautiful for a date with you. Don`t ignore it and show her that you appreciate it. She would be pleased and of course it will help you to seduce a woman.
  • Be confident, be cool and be kind when you are around her. If you want to seduce a woman show her your best features. Be kind and generous to people you are surrounded by. If you love animals and have a puppy it will melt her heart.   
  • Use your talent. What talent do you have? Maybe you play guitar or other musical instrument, maybe you are good in cycling, karate or other kind of sport, maybe you can cook delicious meal or you are well known in sorts of wine. Use your talent to seduce a woman.
  • Be gentleman. Bring your lady flowers, help her to take off and take on the jacket, open the doors for her, help her to carry heavy bags…      
  • Be romantic. Romantic works in 90%. As an idea arrange for her a romantic dinner with wine, candles, relaxing music… and give her a good kiss to let her understand that you want to seduce her.



You can do it!