Are you tired of your dull daily routine? Why not to try any sort of extreme activities? Something like starting an international relationship.

International relationship is like playing on hard mode.

In comparison with usual couples, dating a person from another country is completely different experience full of its own difficulties and happy moments. It’s quite obvious that maintaining a relationship requires efforts of both sides. But maintaining an international relationship requires much more struggles, like for example overcoming a cultural and language barrier.

The only way to stay in contact with your partner is to constantly be online, waiting for messages from your beloved. But don’t forget about time differences. Sometimes you can get these messages in the midnight or you’ll have to stay awake as long as possible to have a little conversation. Bad Internet connection will be a real challenge for both of you. Internet becomes your best friend and worst enemy rolled into one. Video chat becomes the only possible thing for you to show each other your lives, introduce to friends and family.

In speaking of your families, have you thought about the possible future of your international relationship?

It’s obvious that you can’t keep on chatting forever. So if you are really serious about this relationship, you may have already considered the possibility of your or your partner’s moving into another country. Both of your families and friends are terrified you’re going to move away forever. Maybe your employer is at the edge of losing a valuable worker. Or your pets couldn’t even imagine that you’re going to leave them.

Сonsidering positive sides of international relationship, you have a really amazing opportunity to acquaint your partner with your culture and immerse oneself in another  through the language and customs studying. You can even learn more about your own culture. Meeting friends and families of each other is a rare opportunity that professional tourist will be jealous about. Your joint children will speak two languages and have a unique cultural experience.

Now let’s turn to the sweetest part of every international relationship

Your were not able to see each other in real life for so long. And here it is, the long-waiting breathtaking and really overwhelming meeting at the airport. You feel like you won’t be able to let this person go anymore and you try to spend together as much time as possible. You start to value the time more and enjoy not only talking to your darling but also the moments full of silence. Impending departure is the most frightening scenario for your affair and accordingly one of the biggest minuses of international relationship.

However, from this minus derives another plus. If you are not able to show your affection to your partner in person anymore, you will definitely need to find other ways of expressing your love from a distance. It’s a real romantic adventure that other couples will never have a chance to experience as the value of these presents will be higher than the value of the crown of Queen Elizabeth. Non-material value, I mean. Even though it can’t replace real cuddling, imagine your happiness when you receive little surprises like a post delivery out of blue. Or the process of thinking about and preparing your own present that will be able to show the amount of your love and care to partner from miles.

Just imagine how many interesting things exist that can be possible only in international relationship. So would you like to take a risk and make your life more colourful by switching it on a hard mode?

Rita, from Diolli with love