We are often asked when it is best to visit Ukraine to make dating a Ukrainian woman most productive. To tell you the truth, the best time is anytime you feel ready for that, however we will try to tell you about when it is better to visit our country to enjoy your stay here most.

Despite the fact that your main aim will be to find your true love, we offer you not to skip a chance to tour our country. I am sure that your Ukrainian lady will gladly join you. That is why you should know that the high season for travelling in Ukraine starts at the end of April or the beginning of May and finishes in September.  This is when most tourists come to have rest in the mountains, at the seaside or near the rivers or lakes. So, your dating a Ukrainian woman can go beyond just sitting in a cafe as you will have the best conditions to tour the country and mix the business of working on your relationship with the pleasure of learning something new and spending time together actively.

The second part of high season is, of course, New Year and Christmas holidays. Being happy to celebrate these holidays, Ukrainians tend to do this since the middle of December till the middle of January. The rest of the year is not a very high season for tourism, still as they say “we make the weather ourselves” and we want to tell you a bit about what pleasures you can get visiting Ukraine every season.

 Ukraine in winter

Of course, winter is the time of Christmas, New Year and alpine skiing, as well as numerous festivities devoted to these winter holidays. Ukrainian weather in winter  is like the one in a winter fairytale and it is quite snowy in the northern and central parts of the country and, of course, in the Carpathian mountains. The average temperature is from -5ºC to -10ºC, however there can be thaws up to +10ºC as well as frosts up to -25ºC.

So, in winter, you can turn your dating a Ukrainian woman into an interesting pastime in the mountains and visit Bukovel or Slavskoye resorts for an active holiday.

Interestingly, Ukraine is a unique country, in which we celebrate Christmas two times – Catholic on 25 December and Christian on 7 January. Between these two days there are a lot of festivities including concerts, fairs, etc. That is why, it is best to visit Ukraine during this spell of time as you will find yourself in a winter tale together with your lady.

Ukraine in spring

Spring is the time of blooming, so since the beginning of April, Ukraine turns into a big flowerbed. If you decide to come in March, when it is still quite cold and the snow starts to melt, you are unlikely to find walks in the nature quite comfortable.

Spring weather in Ukraine is quite rainy and windy, however the closer May is, the more warm and sunny days we have. However, if you had no chance to go skiing and want to actively spend time with your date, you still have a chance to go skiing to the Carpathian mountains in March, as ski resorts are still open at that time.

If you are a fan of sea, you can come in the Middle of May as it is quite possible to swim in the Black and the Azov sea at this time.

Personally I think, that dating a Ukrainian woman is best in spring, as it is the most romantic time for us, girls. Just like the nature, we wake up from hibernation and long for “new life and emotions”.

Ukraine in summer

Undoubtedly, summer is the best time for tourism as it is warm and you can spend a lot of time outdoors. Speaking of summer in Ukraine, I should say that it is quite hot. The average temperature may rise up to + 35 ºC, but in recent years it can even be +45ºC in the sun. Good news is that the heat does not last for long, however you must understand that if you come in summer, you must be prepared for such conditions and your stay here will be most comfortable somewhere near the sea. Another good news is that if you ask a Ukrainian girl, who you really like to join you, she is very likely to agree to go.

Ukraine in autumn

September and the beginning of October is the time of golden autumn. The weather is quite warm and the first snow falls only in the beginning of November, still it usually melts at once and the real snowy weather starts in December.

That is why if you decide on dating a Ukrainian woman at this period of time, you will have a wide variety of activities to choose from and you will never forget this time spent here, in Ukraine.

Finally, I do believe that there is no super best time to visit this or that place, what really matters is  who you will be with and our agency will definitely help you with finding a special person to make your stay in Ukraine the most memorable experience ever.