Both men and women want to see the ONE beside. The one, who will praise, love and respect them. That is why thinking of dating a Ukrainian girl you must also know how to make the right choice. To help you with this, we have prepared several recommendations.

So, choosing a life partner you have to follow not only your emotions, but also your sense, which you will be able to do if you put your feelings aside and look at your partner from the outside.

While dating a Ukrainian girl you should pay attention to:

  1. After the stage of crush is over and you can open your eyes and see the reality clearly, there is a risk that you will see your partner in different light and you might dislike her behavior or habits, which you did not notice being “blinded” by love. That is why, dating a Ukrainian girl you must abstract and look at everything as if from outside. If you find something strange and unacceptable for you, you must think and decide if you are ready to put up with it or not.
  2. Choosing the ONE, you have to analyze your relationship and find out how often and for what reasons you argue. If there are too many arguments between you, it is unlikely that the girl is your person. Another fact about arguments that you must consider is which of you is the first one to compromise and ready to back down from an argument.
  3. Despite the fact that opposites attract, dating a Ukrainian girl you must have common interests, which will help you build strong relationship. If you do not have at least one common hobby, it will be rather difficult for you to find a common language in most cases.
  4. Thinking of what girl to choose, you must pay attention to the person communication with whom is easy for you. If talking to the girl you do not need to pretend, play some role and wear a mask, she is a good variant. In case your girl is constantly insisting on you changing something in your character, talking about your weaknesses, she is definitely not a match for you.
  5. If you are thinking of dating a Ukrainian girl seriously, you must look at the one, who has a sense of self-esteem. Such a girl does not tend to be too emotional, she is sure of her strengths, can analyze and set the right priorities in life.
  6. If you want to have strong relationship with a girl, the sense of humor is also very important. It is scientifically proved that laughter helps to establish the emotional connection between people. However, it is also vital to understand that every person has a different sense of humor, so you might have to adapt to each other a bit.
  7. Dating a Ukrainian girl you must remember, that there is another indicator, which will help you decide if she is the ONE: her friends and people, who surround her, since they reflect her character and personality.
  8. Choosing a girl you must also consider the fact that she should want from your relationship exactly the same things as you do. To find out if it is so, just ask her directly. Since, if you want to create a family while she doesn’t, your relationship is doomed to fail.
  9. In modern world girls often want to find a prince with a big wallet, while his inner world is not that important for them. That is why, choosing a girl think whether she will stay beside, when or if you are suddenly out of money.
  10. Thinking of dating a Ukrainian girl seriously, you could ask her about her previous relationship, as it can tell you a lot about her. However, you must not make an investigation and find out all the facts. It will be enough for you to learn the reason why the girl broke up with her ex-boyfriend and her own opinion about it.

Finally, choosing an ideal partner, it is important to consider not only HER qualities, but also analyze YOUR own previous relationship and understand what the reasons of your breakup and disappointments were not to make the same mistakes.

Valeria Matskevich, with love