What is the difference between dating hot mammas and hot ladies? The answer is obvious. Hot mammas already have children but hot ladies don`t have. I have noticed a very interesting fact during my staying in Europe that usually European man isn`t bothered by presence of children of the beloved hot mamma. There is a totally different situation in Ukraine. Ukrainian men usually try to avoid dating with women with children even if they are extremely hot. I can`t answer you what are they afraid of exactly. One of the conjectures is they don`t want to take a big responsibility. Nobody asks for help or support but they are already scared of it at the back of their mind.

Hot mamma is hot because she is successful, independent and taking a good care of herself and she doesn`t need a help from anybody. All she needs is love. That`s pity that Ukrainian men don`t understand it.

There are two types of hot mammas, who wants to have more kids and who has decided not to have any more children. How to understand what type of hot mammas you are dating?

Of course the best way to know it is to ask. But you can be sure that a hot mamma who dreams to have another child will bring this topic up sooner or later. She will not waste her time for playing games, she is looking for a serious relationship and a man who is ready to build a family together. Hot mamma who is ready for another kid would be happy to introduce you to her children. It will be important for her how you are getting along with them. For her will be important how you communicate with children because she is looking at you as at a potential father of her future children.

If you feel not comfortable to ask hot mamma if she is ready for another kid, there are few signs that might show it:

  • She offers to babysit your nephew. She loves children and doesn`t mind to spend all her free time with them.
  • She wants to have a puppy. It means she needs someone to take care of. Her maternal instinct is turned on and it is a perfect time to think about having a child.
  • Her heart melt every time she sees a baby.   

Another type of hot mammas are women who are looking for someone who will bring romance in her life but not for a father for her child. She is not in a hurry to introduce you to her children and doesn`t like to speak about her children a lot. She likes to keep her family life separate from her private life.

  • She doesn`t want to change her lifestyle. Her children are grown up already, she used to wake up closer to afternoon, meet friends for coffee during the day and have dinner out every evening in the different places. She enjoys her carefree life and there is the possibility that she won`t want to change her lifestyle.   
  • She is into her career. She has just got a new long-lasted project and all her thoughts are how to succeed and get a promotion.  
  • She hits the gym every single day. She is in love with her body and doesn`t stop to improve it. She might be not willing to give a birth to another child.

These are just assumptions. Please don`t do any conclusions before you speak with the hot mamma you have been dating with.

Communication is one of the most important tool in relationship. Don`t decide for a hot mamma, just ask her!