As we have already discussed in our previous article “How millennials date today”, the representatives of generation Y long for making the most of their lives. They are independent and want bright emotions; still they are human beings, who also want to be loved. That is why like any other species on this planet they find someone they like, start dating and, of course, have some problems, which they try to overcome to become happy. Therefore, we have decided to devote this article to giving some dating tips for millennials, which can help them save their relationship and, hopefully, obtain bliss.

Dating tip for millennials #1. Do not look outside, look inside. As we already know, millennials are perplexed when they have to make a choice and are always unsure whether their love partner is the ONE. Therefore, if you have met the girl of your dreams, we advise you to concentrate not on looking at HER good and bad sides, but on yours. Your task is to think of how to become an ideal partner yourself. To do that, direct your energy on self-development and you will get rid of the fear of making a choice and have a chance to solve that puzzle.

Dating tip for millennials #2. Do not be afraid to go further. We could write a separate article about why a marriage is so important and that a marriage certificate, which scares millennials so much, will do no harm. Still, we offer millennials not to be scared of responsibilities and if their parents did not succeed in establishing a strong family, they are not due to have the same problems. Being a part of a digital society people need real-life communication and support from their family.

Dating tip for millennials #3. Go real. Have you ever thought how much time we spend texting? Writing this article, I have remembered a thousand of times when I was trying to send a message, which had to be emotional. I looked through hundreds of emojis, but none of them was suitable. All in all, I sent the message, but I did not have a chance to explain what I meant. Therefore, my dear millennials keep in mind that relationship is real and you are real meaning that no information technologies will replace face-to-face communication. It is better to see your partner’s eyes and hear their voice than try to decode their message or think of how to express what you mean in yours.

Dating tip for millennials #4. Be prepared. This tip is for those millennials who have not found their better half yet and wonder why it is so. The first and the main reason for this is you, of course. We know that you have to be independent and enjoy your life, but maybe it is time to share these precious moments with another person. If you notice yourself thinking that it is not fair that people around you start families, have children and you cannot find a life partner, you ARE ready for love relationship. So go for it!

Dating tip for millennials #5. Talk it over. In our previous article, we wrote that millennials are afraid of becoming financially dependent from their partners. To cope with that fear we advise you to talk the financial issues over. Spend an evening discussing your financial expectations from each other. Think of what your common life will be like if one of you will have to stay at home with a child, while another one will provide for the family. You could even open a bank account each and open a common account for your family.  

Dating tip for millennials #6. Become adult. Yes, you are not a child any more. Still, if you think your constant partying with friends and being an unsurpassed computer player adds you points in your girlfriend’s eyes, you are wrong.  Even though women-millennials can understand your behavior because they are the same type as you, they still want a strong and safe man beside them. You remember that you, millennials, are always in search for the ONE, and even if this woman is dating you these days, she might turn for someone more serious, when he appears in her life.