Have you ever asked yourself what exactly your girl wants, if what she asks for is not what she has expected from you? 

At least once in a lifetime you’ve probably witnessed or experienced such a situation: the girl is looking at a man as if she is going to jump on him and tear him into pieces and when the man “kisses her back”, he receives a slap on his face and she runs away saying something like “How dare you! Never call me again.” Is there any chance to understand what  a girl wants you to do without any words? Read our article to find out. 

  1. A smile on her face

It is very easy to understand if a girl wants you to continue communication with her or the smile on her face is just a piece of her make-up. A sincere smile is made not only by lips, but also eyes and face, which becomes more relaxed. You should also look at the girl’s posture – if it is tense and unnatural, then her smile is fake too. 

  1. Her legs.

If a girl wants you to “move forward”, her legs will tell you about it.  If the girl’s legs are turned towards you, she automatically rubs her thighs or laps, taps her fingers on her knee, “plays” with the hem of her skirt, she subconsciously wants to wake your sexual desire. 

  1. Don’t touch me signs.

On the other hand, if a girl wants you to leave her and forget that she is the opposite sex, she will do everything to minimize her sexuality. She will hold her hands crossed on her chest, purse her lips, look through you and hold her hand in a fist. All of these mean that the girl looks at you like at a colleague, friend, etc. not like at a possible partner.

  1.   Follow her lip line.

If a woman feels a bit excited, she can automatically start stimulating this feeling running a strand of her hair or a cocktail straw on her lips. It is a good sign for you, especially that it excites you too. 

Interestingly, a girl can do the same when she is alone too. And it does not mean that she is thinking about sex, she might be thinking even about some unpleasant things and subconsciously comforting herself like this. 

  1. Cinderella power.

Have you ever thought about why Cinderella threw her shoes everywhere? That is because she wanted to draw the Prince’s attention to her. Nowadays it has been proved by psychologists that if a girl wants you to notice her, she will start playing with her shoe swinging it on the tips of her toes. What makes it happen is probably similar to the reflex, which makes a she-cat swing its tail at the site of a cheeky tomcat, that does not really interest her. 

  1. Don’t miss the chance!

If a girl wants you to continue the evening and do something indecently crazy, she will definitely use the following strategy to let you know about her intentions. She will turn the whole body to you, lean back and try to copy your body position like a reflection in a mirror. It is quite possible that she will also repeat your gestures and words, which you have just said. Yes? Yes. You too? Me too. So, we could…? We could… 

In case you notice anything like this, you’ve got green light to do whatever you have planned to.

Now that you know how to understand what a girl wants you to do judging by her gestures, I want you to remember what general aspects women want from men: these are care, support, understanding and attention. And if you give them to your woman, it is quite possible that the body language in your relationship will become a “dead” one as she will not be afraid to tell you something directly.