Travelling to Ukraine, you might probably have learnt some facts about this country and already know that its capital is Kyiv, the currency is hryvnia and people, who live here speak both Ukrainian and Russian. You might also know that the most favourite Ukrainian soup is «borshch»,we also like lard or «salo», as we call it, vareniki, pirozhki and drink horilka. However, there are many more facts that you can learn about Ukrainian culture and we offer you some of the most interesting ones you definitely did not know.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Ukrainian Culture

  1. The first thing we cannot help mentioning is that Ukraine is the biggest European country.
  2. Secondly, travelling to Ukraine and being about to hear the Ukrainian language, you should know that it has taken the second place among other languages for its melodiousness.
  3. The international financial bank has acknowledged Ukrainian currency «hryvnia» the most beautiful currency.
  4. It is not surprising that MC Donald’s is one of the most widespread fast food chain restaurants all over the world, however travelling to Ukraine, especially Kyiv, you must pop into the third most visited MC Donald’s restaurant.
  5. The most ancient map was found here, in Ukraine, in the village called «Mezhyrichchia».
  6. Ukrainian national musical instrument «trembita» is the longest in the world.
  7. We believe that you have heard such names as Mila Kunis, Mila Yovovich and Olha Kurilenko and seen films in which they star. What does unite them apart from being famous Hollywood actresses and why are they in our article? That is because all of them were born here, in Ukraine.
  8. Ukrainians are so politically oriented people, that in 2009 one family gave their new-born son name «Yanukovych» like one of our ex-president’s surname, to support him at the election.
  9. Travelling to Ukraine you can see a well-known shod flea, because it is exhibited in one of our museums.
  10. Because of many tales and stories, Ukrainians are considered to be the most alcohol-drinking nation in the world.
  11. Most Ukrainian words start with letter «P».
  12. The anthem of Ukraine consists of only 6 lines.
  13. A very surprising fact is that a famous Pablo Picasso’s muse mas a Ukrainian artist, whose name was Ekterina Bielokur.
  14. The oldest educationl establishment is also located in Ukraine. It is Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and if, travelling to Ukraine, you get a chance to visit this place, you must not miss it.
  15. Looking back at the fact #10, it will be not so surprising that Ukrainians were the ones to produce the biggest glass for champagne.
  16. The fact that you are about to read makes us very proud. Ukraine takes the 4th place according to the number of people, who have higher education.
  17. Historical fact: several millenniums ago Ukraine was the place where the Tripoli culture existed.
  18. It is well-known that Eve was the first woman on Earth. As for the first woman in Ukraine, princess Olga is considered to be the one.
  19. Ukrainian people definitely have a good sense of humour as there is only one monument to a garbage track and this monument is here, in Ukraine!
  20. Ukrainian language is the most widespread one in Europe, still in Ukraine itself there are many varieties of it, so it is even hard to say which is the genuine one.
  21. Although Ukraine is famous for its rich soil and good agriculture opportunities, about 60 % of Ukrainians live in the cities, not in rural areas.
  22. Travelling to Ukraine, you must not miss visiting Kharkov and seeing the largest square in Europe, which is called the Square of Independence.
  23. If you want to visit the longest city of Ukraine, you should go to Kryvyi Rih.
  24. The longest embankment in Europe is also situated in Ukraine. It is the one in Dnipro city. Walking along it you will definitely enjoy the breathtaking view of the river Dnipro and the city itself.
  25.  Probably, having a wedding veil is not something unusual, still Ukrainian brides leave their wedding veil after the wedding as it is believed that if you cover an ill baby with it, they will get better sooner.
  26. What do you imagine when you hear the words “The Statue of Liberty”? A woman standing holding a torch. Do you want to see a sitting Statue of Liberty? Then come to a Ukrainian city called Lviv.
  27. Interestingly in 1919 Kharkiv, which is one of the biggest Ukrainian cities, had the territory bigger than Germany!
  28. Travelling to Ukraine you must pay attention to its banknotes, since a 200 hryvnia note with the image of Lesia Ukrainka on it, has been acknowledged as the most original note on the world money contest.
  29. No matter how sad it is, another fact about Ukraine that we can list, is that it has the worst roads in Europe.
  30. Finally, if you want to have fun and spend some time in the biggest water park in Europe, visit the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv and you will never forget it.